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  1. Shoulda stayed bro ;D
  2. Sam23

    [562][My World]

    good luck bro, and come on msn please?
  3. Sam, Guess who ;DDDDD *Teh 1337Narbz* add my new msn?!!!!!!!~!~!~!~askdmas;kdmas;kdmask;dm;kasdmaks;dmk;asmdkasdkask;d;ka OT: [email protected] *Now*

  4. Sam23

    Clipping 562

    You just need to learn how to, ask Caelum or Dragonkk.
  5. Cause people are leeching tko scape cause they cant do it them selfs :L
  6. Josh at the end of the day, does it work? yes, does it matter imo? no.
  7. i like the way i did it go away.