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  1. i dont comment on shit, and not my fault you did nothing but change a name, you havent done a single update why should i be positive to a leech, atleast change something before you open to public on your shitty dsl connection
  2. terribly leeched. you havent even changed the client background auto vote links to poanizers old link the home and shops are the same as extinctionz v2 release page and your not using a vps. your cache is downloading so slow. ive been on for 20 minutes and it went from 4-6% this shits a big lawl
  3. [quote name='Zeno Zoldyck']Really nice! just one question the person buying has to give you a source or you have one in the system?[/QUOTE] We can assist on setup of your server if need be, Usually we've only had to install the OS configure it for access and the customer goes from there, We offer fully managed or semi-managed. at no extra fee
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  5. Welcome to Desolation 718/742!! We are a brand new server that has just opened up for a public beta testing, Our development team has been busy for the last month or so designing something for the community to enjoy without sacrificing the quality of gameplay due to specs or preference, We all loved pre EOC HD RS so why not bring it back but with our wants!.. We would love to ask all players who would like to test our server, report any feedback on found glitches and bugs, with most known being patched and secured we are surely you wont have any problems, that being said the more hours you play, the better chance of you being a staff member which we are in need of! why? because youve learned the game sufficiently enough to help any other new comers!!!! Our current Server Features are: 100% VPS Secured with DDoS Protection! All skills Trainable 100% combat PvP & PvM Completely playable with economy, skills, combat, bosses and minigames! Dungeoneering, RuneSpan, PuroPuro Glacors, Strykewyrms, Jadinko Lair, Polypore Dungeon Fight Caves/Kiln, Yk’Lagor the Thunderous boss raid, KBD, Nomad, Oblivion GWD, Nex Crucible, PC, QBD, Corp, TD Drygore, Kalphite, Chaotic claws, Max/Comp cape Crucible weapons, revenants, PvP gear Dueling, dicing, Grand Exchange Custom titles, Achievements, Override shop Loyalty points, Squeal of Fortune, Auras Prestige mode/points Generous experience rates and drops! Will not take forever to reach endgame! Difficulty levels for easier training or better drops Built in Account manager for titles difficulty looks and more!! Tons of mini game including: fight caves the kiln clan wars barrows dominion tower the crucible zombie onslaught Gorgeus training spots with updated drops to help you train! rock crabs greater demons black demons green drags and many more! custom donator zone and features 3 level dungeoneering and a custom dung level basic and advanced skilling custom bosses! alot of other features you should really check for yourself *Open Staff Spots* 1 Administrator 2 Forum Administrator 1 Super Moderator 2 Moderator JOIN TODAY! Client download [url]http://www.mediafire.com/download/2l5w169xo9a943t/Desolation718v1.jar[/url]
  6. Forums: desolation718.freeforums.org Client Desktop Download: [URL="http://www.mediafire.com/download/2l5w169xo9a943t/Desolation718v1.jar"]http://www.mediafire.com/download/2l5w169xo9a943t/Desolation718v1.jar[/URL] Webclient coming soon!! New server is erupting, and we need players, and dedicated staff! also currently accepting feedback to add into game, also looking for mature dedicated staff, please apply on forums Server-Features: Zombies Onslaught Minigame Custom Dungeoneering Two different systems 753 Items/Interfaces Bossing contracts All skills working!! Flawless instant switching Automated double exp weekends High/Low alch Jewelry Enchanting Custom title handler to make adding new titles easier Dwarven Rock Cakes Exp Difficulty Selections Custom prestige system with Skulls & more Skilling Point system PvP Rewards system Loyalty Points System Squeal of Fortune with Rares (3:1000 chance of getting a rare) Right click view stats right click moderater(mod+) Custom Dungeoneering + 3 Levels of regular dung more to be added Fully Working Nex, Glacors, GWD, TDs, and Corp! Custom bosses!
  7. LOL Control panel> power options> high performance stops your computer from sleeping or hibernating and hibernating is disabled by default now "idiot" noone wants a 6 hour host. so dont say that vps shit.
  8. anyone experience or heard about the fight caves not working correctly, waves not spawning NPC's? also having console problems when in combat... entitylist:java60 constantly flooding console eclipse only shows a warning on line 60 anyone can help me out tyvm
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