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  1. Oh, thanks for telling me about that :D

  2. Most of those accounts you sent me worked, thank you so much! And your inbox is full ;)

  3. Can't you just hop on a proxy?
  4. [quote name='bl00dz']What OS is that?[/QUOTE] It's probably just Windows 7, with a program called 'Rainmeter', pain to set up but the result looks nice.
  5. Sniper and the fire guy are fun. :)
  6. Darkmen167


    The surveys don't work for me.. sad.
  7. Darkmen167


    I click yours, you click mine :) ****************
  8. If you just told me which game it was..

  9. nvm. Knew someone named Darkman167

  10. Have you ever played R.R?

  11. Remember guys, check the Twitter whenever RL is down, everything is explained there. :) (Just google: ''twitter runelocus'')