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  1. Imgur also serves it over an SSL connection. Any major website typically will support it. IE: https://i.imgur.com/sdlLhyP.png
  2. [quote name='Ikiliki']And so have I for years, I don't see the problem.[/QUOTE] 960px is only using 50% of the available screen space on what is currently one of the most common screen sizes. That's a lot of wasted space [quote name='Ikiliki']We've changed designs a lot indeed, but colors have always been the same, except for that dark style mentioned below.[/QUOTE] This is a valid point, and one I agree with. The colours have almost always been the same, however the new RuneLocus wordpress theme is yet again another colour - not one that blends well with the history of RuneLocus I might add. [quote name='Ikiliki']Dark colors were never part of RuneLocus. Besides the style doesn't fit RuneLocus, but it fits RuneScape private servers. The style wasn't just removed because of the complaints about it being so dark, it was also removed because there was a major traffic decrease/high bounce rate since the first week of the release of that style. I've ran a survey and many people assumed RuneLocus was a private server... not what they were looking for.[/QUOTE] That's also fair. It does represent a game-relative website and the confusion is more than likely. Not sure what the design has to do with the bounce rate though. [quote name='Ikiliki']April 1st, what's the point of getting that in this post?[/QUOTE] As stated, for comical reasons. [quote name='Ikiliki']I can't remember RuneLocus being at the top, forum-wise.[/QUOTE] It was far more active. [quote name='Ikiliki']I haven't ever seen a website much larger than RuneLocus update their website design just because of a group (or one person) complaining about the size.[/QUOTE] I was referring to the website design being upgraded because of modern-day demands and dynamic screen sizes. [quote name='Ikiliki']For now, yes. The same applied to the dark style you were talking about. It took months for the forum-version to appear.[/QUOTE]And I'm not expecting instant results, but at the same time why roll out updates in sections rather than at once. It's a matter of a forum theme & a wordpress theme, it's not like RuneScape where all of the modules have to be re-created and completely re-worked. It's just a re-skinning essentially. Poor execution, but that's just my two cents.
  3. [quote name='Hope']The width is standard for a lot of websites.[/QUOTE] 960px is not the standard fixed website size. 980px is. I have a 1920 x 1080 monitor as my smallest resolution (not going to get into retina displays). The body content is minuscule. [quote name='Ikiliki']Well, that'd require me to do each style update twice. If we also add different versions for a bigger width, I'd have to do it four times. I wouldn't call that win win myself. I think you should just get used to it. Every company and/or proper website has a corporate identity. It makes no sense to not have a corporate identity because someone's preference. If we start adding more styles because of everyone's preferences, there's no way you'll ever recognize RuneLocus when seeing certain color combinations, sizes, logo's etc., that's the opposite of what a corporate identity should do lol.[/QUOTE] RuneLocus has changed designs too many times over the years for you to use the argument of corporate identity as an excuse. Not to mention it's a pre-made theme. Not unique to RuneLocus. This would be Corporate Branding, now sure why this design was left to die. - September 15 2012 - [url]http://web.archive.org/web/20120915132309/http://www.runelocus.com/[/url] Had to add this just for comical reasons. [url]http://web.archive.org/web/20130401110928/http://www.runelocus.com/[/url] RuneLocus was always seemingly on top, I got my first thousand posts here ( which appears to have slowly deteriorated over the time I've been away), lots of interaction, probably upwards of 25,000 shouts, and countless hours of just reading through the content provided. You (Ikiliki) have proven to be a very well-mannered Administrator, but the over-bearing moderation lead to what RuneLocus is now. Not dead, but a very dim wisp. They suffocated what was left of the community as a whole and one of the many reasons why I - upon other things - left. But to argue that this is corporate identity is a little mediocre; even from you. Because the greatest potential came from the completely custom design that was in the works - still an available theme now, but more or less out-dated. It was reverted back because it was a popular complaint that a lighter site is more desirable, so the switch was made. [QUOTE]It makes no sense to not have a corporate identity because someone's preference.[/QUOTE] As I mentioned earlier in this post, it's not a corporate identity. No new logo is needed, you could even do it with this theme if it represents more than what I can clearly see. But a 960px width as the [code]#dvb-main-wrapper[/code] is just ridiculous for a website site. Atleast make it fluid to the viewer. [code] max-width: 1600px; min-width: 960px; width: 80%; [/code] We are in modern times where companies and websites [B]much larger than RuneLocus[/B] are responding to this necessity of staying on top. Telling someone to just get used to it, is not a comment I'm very excited to see for a website trying to turn itself around. Not to mention the forum doesn't match nor relate to the website homepage in any way, so there's a disconnection between the designs of the website. [QUOTE]Every company and/or proper website has a corporate identity.[/QUOTE] RuneLocus has 2.
  4. [quote name='Fuzen Seth']You do realise that programming unique content is different than web development that even 12 years old can do. I need web dev cuz I dont got the time for it. Ur truly retaded.[/QUOTE] Website Development is often confused as being easy because the mark-up isn't nearly as confusing as game development can be, but to be a good, quality website developer and designer it takes years of practice and experience. There's a lot of assets that prove to be useful such as bootstrap and many other CSS grid systems publicly available online for free. You're sadly mistaken when you say programming unique content is different that web development, because web systems within themselves have the option to be unique depending on who's behind the scenes with the code. ASP.NET is a close representation of how game programming is handled actually, objects, enums, variables, methods, you name it and ASP.NET supports that as a framework. As does just about every other back end language. You're very simple minded if you don't understand that programming of all natures has it's skillful requirements. I being a website developer and designer rounding year 11 now; understand this quite well. If you're not going to pay, or have any respect for the website development genre you need to rethink your placement as a developer in general. This brings me onto design. Markup is easy to understand... .whatever is a classifier, #whatever is an identifier and can be used to style a webpage. easy enough. But then you get into the more defining portions of design. The colour palette, layout, responsiveness, usability, branding, effectiveness, URL structures, SEO, Meta Data, functionality, user experience and a plethora of other options. Each of which can single handedly crumble a website if done incorrectly. Your lack of respect to one of the largest developmental genres is disappointing, as is your work - checked your project thread. With no respect for someone who will be the first line of grabbing a users attention and drawing views to your site, you should really reconsider the importance of this position and the process involved. When I ran servers, I used to have users register to my site because they simply thought it looked cool and wanted to hang out, no interest in the server what-so-ever. There used to be competitions between myself and the Lead Dev, we'd see who could draw the most attention to our fields for the month of w/e. A well made website to supplement a well made game is an amazing thing. Don't shrug off websites as an easy-to-do task. If website development is [B]soooooooo easy[/B] you should do it yourself. I'd enjoy ripping apart every line of your code to show you how precise website development is. First time logging on RuneLocus in about 8 months just to reply to your shit comment. You should feel accomplished. Also, for the sake of pointing it out. Are you really incapable of using a spell-check? They are default in all major browsers. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/9Utejhi.png[/IMG]
  5. [MENTION=171854]lare96[/MENTION] Could you include a download to your client as well? Haven't had any luck with the Galkon 474 look-a-like. Download links are dead.
  6. I feel this would be a rather redundant idea, because as much as I like minecraft, I feel that minecraftforum and other relevant toplists are already doing everything needed for minecraft players and owners, that being said, it seems like Minelocus would stand as a support forum at most, and even then it wouldn't stand a chance of taking off if that's all it served as.
  7. Why should I care what they prefer to do behind closed doors? People suppressing other peoples freedoms only creates a bigger and bigger build up of hatred until a rebellion. Luckily some places have given way to the acceptance so this won't really be the case. I have no problem with it.
  8. [quote name='Ikiliki']I'd say RSPS veterans are people like Moparisthebest, Silabsoft, etc., the old guard.[/QUOTE] Never heard of any of them. I'm not even sure what the focus of RuneLocus is anymore, it's pretty much dead, but you can get runescape awards? we need some sort of direction or change. Whether you do this for teh lolz or for a purpose, either give it a focus or take it down.
  9. [quote name='Fuzen Seth']What really? I believe im also older than u. You fuck off virgin fag.[/QUOTE] I've seen three posts from you, all 3 being different servers. Pick a server build and stick with it?
  10. I'm going to give this a check out.
  11. [quote name='Fuzen Seth']Nope. Got 2 servers since I can afford it. [MENTION=46076]donat[/MENTION]ions.[/QUOTE] Considering you cannot even afford a domain (or apparently set one up if you can indeed afford one) you're left with 1 of two options. a) You cannot afford two servers because you cannot afford a proper domain. b) You're unable to set up a domain + webhosting, therefore I doubt your able to develop any sort of server. [img]http://i46.tinypic.com/5b4u55.png[/img] Didn't know you also had a server called Genesis? :o
  12. Working on a new thread layout, going to be updating this when I can, bunch going on with GameSynner though :D
  13. [url]http://revelation718.org/forum/showteam.php[/url] Your names all quite immature, and you have WAY too many moderators, let alone usergroups. Nonetheless good luck. But there's a lot of unnecessary work done there.