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    [center] Hey if anyone is looking for a teamspeak to chill and play games with your friends, this teamspeak is for you. This TeamSpeak has 512 avaliable slots so you'le never have to wait to join. If you have more than 5 people with you. You can have your own channel for free. [B]Teamspeak Ip:[/B] ts3.hyper-core.net [/center]
  2. [quote name='tuckerpkx']this ruined my christmas i only got 1 vote[/QUOTE] lets be honest it was pretty shitty
  3. [quote name='Danielxx']you'r a Bump[/QUOTE] you eat bumps.
  4. [quote name='Danielxx']looks allright more content would be nice dont se nothing unique. best of luck[/QUOTE] what would you suggest? i'm pretty sure i have what your looking for i just don't like taking pictures of what every other server already has... like kbd dag kings pking etc...
  5. [quote name='Night Night']Some of this media you put up isn't very appealing. Like who goes looking for a server where you can shear sheep? Goodluck.[/QUOTE] what should i put up?
  6. [quote name='Raw Envy']Good luck Vovik ;P[/QUOTE] i shall take your luck :D