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  1. [quote name='Blue honey']Everything seems right... I put my JDK 6 into the compiles and my Jre6 into both source and client run.exe's I also have the right cache, and there is no problems with it whatsoever. But I have this one annoying problem which doesn't allow me to log into the server itself. Here's a picture of the problem: [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/0YvAn.png[/IMG][/QUOTE] log4j isnt a big deal, most 562's have this.
  2. sounds pretty great might just have to try it out (:
  3. original dementhium comes with most of this if im correct, anyways did you fix bug's dupe's etc? also might look better to take pics in hd (:
  4. hey i've decided to use dementhium, can you help me out with it please?

  5. lol? its not mysql, its failing to bind /fp this isnt anything to do with mysql.
  6. /fp this isnt even hard? im sure there are tuts everywhere on how to do this..
  7. dialogues are easy, shops are easy, and area's are easy...you arent really offering much, and if its for mainly Delta you wont get much service because delta is frowned upon, i'm just trying to give you a few idea's to just let you know you need to offer more towards the newer bases such as PI fixing deadlocks etc.
  8. well id like to know what your willing to pay because i can host 24/7 with 0 downtime and i can program stuff if needed. whatever service you need i can do.
  9. how much are you paying?
  10. a better script to use via epic bot is the cutter one just cut oaks great money (:
  11. :/ uhhh...okaayy.. :( anyways how have you been lately?
  12. Not helping on a matrix based server, sorry.

  13. EmpyyPoo!!! halp me pl0x? :D

  14. yeah if someone can use mysql on matrix shit i give them respect i have yet to figure it out lmfao, i just removed mysql till i figure it out.