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  1. Server v14 (im coding npcdropeditor.java into my source now so thats the only thing the source is missing otherwise its good to go i also removed a lot of the donator stuff so you may have to add that Client 667 (no warnings on compile and its smooth incase you need it.. Also it jars real nicely too) Hope you have fun!
  2. aight lemme upload and ima send real soon

  3. Yea, can i get the newest one?

  4. Yo my bad been busy with IRL shiz... You still want my updated info? For being so lat i was going to give u my v10 source but now im on v14... If you want you can have that just let me know man and again my bad for taking so long

  5. Ok, thanks, just dont forget about me. :)

  6. im actually updating to v9 soon with lots of fixes and other stuff added that nobody has figured out really lol so if u can wait until mondayish thatd be cool also ive fixed pvp drops and such so no nulling of characters lol unlike what other people said to do

  7. Just released my new server, and you guys can play here: www.excision704.com/up2u.html

  8. This whore right here

  9. yoo kai can you help me with some things add me at skype back owner_death1

  10. hi send me a message pls, i dont know how i can download or play my webclient and how can i make a site to download? please message me back!

  11. Nah jay got ratted by his own admin lol..

  12. well i thought that jay guy from jayscape did :p