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  1. thanks guys, keeping it up
  2. There are many packed data files that I want to edit like NPC spawns, drops, bonuses, item bonuses, definitions, shops, etc. How do I unpack these files? Or figure out how to make an unpacked one for the server to pack it itself?
  3. Does a video count? :S It's kinda of like motion picture, lol. If not I'll add, of course it's not a big hassle.
  4. [SIZE="4"][i][b]Philosophy behind RuneSol[/b][/i][/SIZE] The [i]fun[/i], the [i]risk[/i], the [i]adrenaline[/i] from [i]comboing the f**k out of another player[/i] is the focus here. That [i]survival instinct[/i], the [i]aggitation from being defeated by someone more superior[/i], is what we all [i]feed[/i] off. It's a pyramid, a [i]balanced[/i] pyramid, from [i]top to bottom[/i], from [i]the best[/i], to [i]the worst[/i]. That is the environment in which I am trying to create. Other servers, they create servers either with a horribly unstable economy, or keep it simple as a spawn server, completely pointless aside from the endless killing without risk. But the spawn servers, they then add [i]items that you cannot spawn[/i],[i] requiring you to pay a 'donation' in order to unlock these items[/i]. That is [b]against our philosophy[/b], [i]everyone should get a fair stake in RuneSol[/i]: Although, paying/donating will be allowed, it will only make their [i]experience easier and more fun[/i], but [i]doesn't disrupt or give you an unfair advantage[/i]. As a spokesman for the server as well as the creator, I will [b]gaurantee[/b] that everything is [i]divided evenly[/i], that even as a [i]free player, you can unlock just as many things as paying members[/i]. As for the current [i]economic servers[/i], they are [i]blind[/i]. They do not [i]seek for the enjoyment of all[/i], rather, just a [i]grinding environment to get more time from their players[/i], to make them stay longer. I believe as a [i]game designer[/i], that the [i]essence of someone's stay, should be because of their thorough enjoyment of the content, not their will to progress through repetition, only to receive the unrelenting reward at the top of the tree[/i]. The [i]core fundamental[/i] of my economy will be based on [i]fair, instinctual elements of intense and interactive gameplay[/i], [i]ingrovating the player throughout their pores and sweat of the heating intensity of cooperative or competitive gameplay[/i]. [i]"We are RuneSol; the finest; better than RuneScape. Dedicated to coding the most 'alive' private server to date."[/i] -[b]winK[/b]; [i][b]Creator[/b][/i], [i][b]Creative Strategist of RuneSol[/b][/i] [i](Co-creator of Z508)[/i] [SIZE="3"][i][b]Website/forums[/b][/i][/SIZE] [url=http://www.runesol.com/]RuneSol 704 Forum[/url] [SIZE="3"][i][b]Client download[/b][/i][/SIZE] [url=http://uppit.com/yixdegd7sbpt/RuneSol.rar]http://uppit.com/yixdegd7sbpt/RuneSol.rar[/url] [B][I][SIZE=3]Administrators[/SIZE][/I][/B] winK, Monum3ntal [B][I][SIZE=3]Staff[/SIZE][/I][/B] Boss, Samuel, Pure [SIZE="3"][B][I]Contact Me[/I][/B][/SIZE] If you are interested in being of any help, and you share the same philosophy as us here. You are welcome to join us, help in anyway, make a dream become reality. Simply PM message me, showing your interest and stating your abilities, and I will be glad you interact with you further. [SIZE="4"][i][b]Current development stage: [u]Alpha[/u][/b][/i][/SIZE] [color=green][u][b]Alpha[/b][/u] currently, while basic functions are still in progress, essential bug fixes and testing stage. [u][b]Beta[/b][/u] when core mechanics and features have all been implemented (look below for updates to come). [u][b]Release[/b][/u] once server is relatively bug-free and faultless.[/color] [SIZE="4"][i][b]Why you should join[/b][/i][/SIZE] [color=green]• [b]Free admin ranks[/b] in alpha stage of server • [b]Automatic player mod ranks[/b] when in beta, for players who join during alpha • [b]Donator status for players joining in alpha[/b], until release of server • [b]No donator items until beta[/b] • [i]You've just stumbled on the soon to be best RuneScape private server, don't miss your chance to [b]have a 'Legendary' rank upon release of the server by joining during alpha[/b]. [b]Come on the beta and receive a 'Beta' rank[/b].[/i][/color] [SIZE="4"][i][b]Current Features[/b][/i][/SIZE] [B]Perfect PvP[/B], [B]Nex[/B], [B]Bandos[/B], [B]Sara[/B], [B]Barrows[/B], [B]free spawning[/B], [B]Armadyl Storm[/B], [B]Overloads[/B], [B]Korasi[/B], [B]Flasks[/B], [B]Steadfast[/B], [B]Glaiven[/B], and [B]Ragefire[/B] boots, [B]Goliath[/B], [B]Swift[/B], and [B]Spellcaster[/B] gloves, working [B]Completionist cape[/B], [B]Fury Shark[/B], new [B]Ice Barrage graphics[/B], [B]Ganodermic[/B], and [B]hybrid armor[/B]. [SIZE="4"][i][b]Features to Come[/b][/i][/SIZE] Multiple [b]custom skills[/b], multiple [b]PvP minigames[/b], unique, [b]stable economy[/b], full [b]rank system[/b], unique [b]training system[/b] and [b]monster drops[/b], unique [b]leveling system and unlocks[/b], and [b]much more[/b]. Visit the forums to get an in-depth look at the development blog, read about the latest and upcoming updates to come. [SIZE="4"][i][b]Media[/b][/i][/SIZE] Working nex and free admin during alpha! [img]http://img854.imageshack.us/img854/1381/workingnex.png[/img] Working Korasi and all weapon specials! [img]http://img16.imageshack.us/img16/7840/korasix.png[/img] Working Battle-mage gear and Armadyl Storm! [img]http://img402.imageshack.us/img402/6118/battlemagearmastorm.png[/img] New ice barrage graphics! [img]http://img577.imageshack.us/img577/2816/icebarrage.png[/img] Working flasks and fury sharks for epic combat! [img]http://img560.imageshack.us/img560/4184/furysharkflasks.png[/img]
  5. [b]About Me[/b] Hi, I'm making my own server and I would like to have someone knowledgeable that's willing to help me answer questions that I might have while I'm adding things to the server. I have beginner knowledge in programming Java and C++. I know my way around private servers as I've made a 317 before a long time ago. I'm starting again since then, and I'm hoping to put a lot of time into the server. So, if anyone is willing to lend a hand, please add me on msn: [email][email protected][/email]. Of course, I will also be posting questions I have here, but it'd just be nice to have someone live that I can chat with instantly. I'm planning to make a very stable, efficient and organized server with a strong focus on PvP. I plan to have a fully functioning economy with minigames (PvP & PvM), with skills integrated to help you with various combat tasks. I want to rework various aspects of different skills to my liking, not deviating from the original concepts but just making it more interactive and interesting. A bit of background story about myself. I've been around and out of the RSPS community for a good 3-4 years now. I won't delve into it much further, as that is not the goal of this post, but just so you know, I was somewhat notable in the RSPS community as I was the coowner of a somewhat famous server called Z508, made by Zach. I was Mod Win, the main person behind Z508, along with Zach, that created one of the best and most perfect combat system at the time and even now. And last, if it matters at all, I am 18 years of age, so you can count on me to be serious and mature at the right times, but also very relaxed and chill to be around when just having fun. [b]Progress[/b] Right now, I've already downloaded a source that's had a large amount of work done to it, so there's already a lot of things that are already working. However, I have a keen eye for catching small bugs, even spelling mistakes and such, so I'll be making a lot of adjustments and changing many things. I hope to not leach from anyone or ask for any spoon feeding, I want to figure everything out myself mainly, but any advice or answers to my questions would be highly appreciated. Currently, I am just at the very beginning stage of testing the features of the server and reading through all the source files to see what I can understand and note things' locations so I can go back to change them when I need to. [b]RuneSol Project[/b] I'm also going to be posting a project thread about my server (link here once it's posted), listing the various features and functions I am hoping to add. Although, some of these ideas are completely unheard of and very innovating imo, so I may not be releasing everything for people to see publicly. And of course, if you help me, you shall be rewarded by gaining administrative rank on my server while in Alpha, Beta, and when it's live. Of course, I am looking for mature and responsible qualities from whoever it is I choose, and I reserve the right to remove you if you are disruptive, even if you've aided me. But as long as you maintain those qualities, I will be honored and glad to have you as part of my staff. So, feel free to add me and chat. Otherwise, I'll still be posting all my questions under this post when I have them.
  6. Alright, if you insist. I'll give it a shot.
  7. Bump, still in need of help.
  8. I'd like to explore alternatives that enables me to keep the program installed first. As disabling it should serve the same function as uninstalling it, I don't see how explicitly uninstalling it will make a difference. Spare me the reason?
  9. I've tried disabling NOD32 and it still doesn't work.
  10. May I ask why I shouldn't host a server with NOD32?
  11. I'm having trouble with this. This is what I've tried and done so far: [LIST=1] [*]Portfowarded for my router for port 43594. [*]Disabled Windows Firewall [*]Using ESET NOD32 Firewall [*]Added exception to firewall at port 43594 for both UDP and TCP protocols [*]Setup No-IP address and updated hosts [*]Searched for all ip address inputs in client ("192.", "127.", "localhost") [*]Found ip address value and changed to No-IP address [*]Checked that client uses port 43594 [*]Compiled successfully [*]Checked in server.java that the Server is connected to port 43594 [*]Tried making client ip address "", computer's static IPv4 Address [*]Tried making client ip address "localhost" [*]Tried making client ip address "" [*]Tried disabling NOD32 and it still doesn't work. [/LIST] After all this my client is still not connecting to the server. What am I doing wrong?
  12. winK

    Stopping Racism?

    [quote name='Ishana']@OP Racism is not only color or nationality but also a lot of major things that people ignore like Gender, Voice or Trend. Racism [B]in my opinion[/B] is not the definition "one [B]race[/B] is superior to the other" but actually, "Everything is superior to the other" If you are going to hate someone for his color or nationality then you have no idea how to argue or even start a conversation no matter who you are Racism exists everywhere in our daily life, but can it be stopped? No, because it's just in human nature and it's called "Superiority", which means you will always think that you are the best and no one is better than you. Now just to stay on topic, Black people ether they are niggers or not they should not be treated as if they are the low priority to human race just because the color is different or they live miles away from a certain country, they are humans and they should live and have the exact same right as those who call them self "superior". United states of America is on top of the world and they slaved those black people because they just couldn't do anything their own, I won't say that is bad but slavery is bad all they could have did was to ask them help build the country and live their life as they should be really treated. Racism still exists even if your poor, rich, black or white and there is no way to stop it unless human nature changes.[/QUOTE] You're confusing racism with discrimination. Racism is just a subgroup of discrimination. Discrimination based on race is the definition of racism. I'm not sure if the maker of this thread meant that, because it'll be a slightly different discussion then.
  13. winK

    Time After Death

    Just so people know. Especially those that like bashing religion and snicker at the idea of God and the unexplainable, this explains part of it...
  14. It's the idea that there is no purpose of life or existence. People, who are conscious, unlike animals, are not fond of that idea, and therefore look for belief. Thus, the creation of a religion. Something to believe in or put purpose to for yourself.