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  1. nice release was wondering if you could help as im getting error when trying to load client cheers bud!
  2. this server is not good i logged on and basically ya cant get anywhere due to this pop up that when u log on it tells you to click sandwhich and that and u do and it spamms u and doesnt go away
  3. chaotic pker

    working bosses

    hello im making my own rsps and it 317 and my god wars dungeon bosses aint showing they are just like there standing and it aint the proper generals either and ive been trying to fix it but not accomplishing anything so if anyone could help I would be greatfull.
  4. just looks like u have moved shops and made a new home try adding something which will make the players want to stay and have fun
  5. basically i need help with making a client so people can come onto my server
  6. basically i have the source downloaded and it starts perfect but client wont load can someone help me please
  7. their is no dl or webclient link on ere or on ur forums
  8. client please? or what can i go on to get onto the server gunna check it out?
  9. chaotic pker

    718 rsps help

    ok so im about to code and change around this source [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?91315-Lost-Realm-718-Release[/url] and it wont let me make myself owner for some reason :/