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  1. It's a norwegian place where you can upload files and send them directly with PHPmail on the website. I have bought a script for it but I need some help configure it the way I want it :)
  2. Hi guys. I have a website that i'm working on and I need GOOD php developer to work with me on some of the stuff on it. I will be paying for each task that's completed. Requirements: - GOOD PHP experience - Codeigniter (Not required but it would help a lot) - Experience with Twitter-Bootstrap framework is a plus. I need someone who write english very well. Please send me a PM if you might be interested in this project. *THIS IS NOT A RSPS*
  3. [IMG]http://oi55.tinypic.com/2cookug.jpg[/IMG] [URL="http://www.nordichost.us"]HOME[/URL] Nordic Host is a brand new hosting company which allows you to host your own website with your own domain! The business idea here is not to earn great money, but rather offer a great service. For the very basic Beginner package the only thing you would have to pay is the setup fee on $ 0.95 one time and ofcourse the costs of the domain registering ($13.99/year), besides from that there is no hidden fees, and we offer full support for every customer of ours. The professional package costs $ 9.95/year and is quite exclusive for that price. Beginner package: 500MB Space 5GB Bandwidth The rest is unlimited [URL="http://nordichost.us/index.php/order"]Order here[/URL] Professional Package: 3000MB Space Unlimited bandwidth The rest is unlimited [URL="http://nordichost.us/index.php/order"]Order here[/URL] This is a brand new website and company so the website won't be 100% completed yet, but ordering from us is working 110% It's also worth mentioning that this is not one of those hosting companies that will go down after 1 month, there is a big and professional company behind us. Please try us to get a good and cheap hosting for your website/RSPS. (We do allow you to host RSPS on our servers) For 15% off on the Professional package please enter "FORUM". Thanks
  4. We have reopened the server again! Come join us for a fun time :)
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    [quote name='ballin']Hopefully your websites don't look as bad as the graphic in your signature.[/QUOTE] Lol'd anyway why don't you make him something ballin? ain't you a pro? :D
  6. He's nothing compared to bill gates :)
  7. Stop bumping like crazy all the time.
  8. That will be nice :)
  9. What do the hoster get for doing it?
  10. Thanks for sharing :)
  11. If it's PI, change the "loading" names in Client.java. And the other could be in JFrame.java
  12. [quote name='YiPo']soo fake[/QUOTE] fake?:p