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  1. [quote name='Cart']Progress report: - Userbar expansions is completed. [LIST] [*]Pernix: 4,000 post count req [*] [*]Virtus: 5,000 post count req [*] [*]Torva: 6,000 post count req [*] [/LIST] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/yAwH9Yz.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/JV2EhBH.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/NyQguUr.png[/IMG] Credits: [MENTION=62059]Julesmk[/MENTION][/QUOTE] Give me that Torva one you dirty slut.
  2. If you want to start of on a good road, never use Dreamweaver or any other WYSIWYG editor, it's a false sense of accomplishment and they usually generate disgusting code as a result.
  3. Gradients are pretty much 2011 unless they're really subtle. The header / banner / logo is extremely plain and doesn't really look appealing. Might want to work on that and look into subtle gradients / flat design. You should also look into using a grid framework such as 960.gs for example. Fluid designs at the moment are just meh and not appealing unless you're doing something like a portfolio etc. Try a fixed grid based design and look into design concepts. Just my 2 cents as a freelance web and ui/ux designer.
  4. There's not really much to rate, it's just .. eh. Show us a screenshot of the layers so I can see exactly what you made. If I'm right in assuming here, you grabbed a texture, threw some contrast and some color with a brush set to color / hue, added bevel and emboss (please don't do this, it's no longer the 1990's and it totally ruins anything if not used correctly) and then threw some text on and then lowered the opacity / set to overlay. Which to be honest, is nothing special, but I'm guessing you're new to photoshop. My honest opinion is to look up some tutorials and look at how they use the tools. Also stay away from bevel and emboss, it really doesn't work unless you know what you want to achieve with it.
  5. As a web and ui/ux designer myself (freelancer) I have to say it's /okay/ but it's not something I'd use myself. The first one uses a font for the "login" and "register" which seem too .. playful. When picking fonts for a ui/ux interface you want to pick something that stands up straight and doesn't give the impression of it being something that doesn't catch your eye too well. The tabs for the "login" and "register" are also too far spread apart, keep the closely tied together, spreading them out that far just doesn't give the right feeling, pull them both to the left. For the second one, the font choice is much more appropriate and also the login background is also more eye catching, much better in terms of font usage and design wise. However the placement of "register" and "forums" will probably be confusing for some people as they don't exactly stand out as links, they're too similar to the field labels and it makes them look to be part of the login. Go back to your tab idea at the top and pull them to the left - trust me. I don't usually write long ass posts for criticism etc but as someone who started working on web and ui/ux design at an early age, I wish I had someone to steer me in the right path whenever I waddled off it. Good luck :)
  6. Smudge

    Already Gaming

    I really wish people would start using this fucking sub-forum for the /development/ of projects and not the /advertisement/ of "projects". Every fucking time I come here there's someone trying to advertise people to their brand new "project" that's either a new toplist, rsps forum or in this case an arcade games site. This section wasn't meant for the /advertising/ of your project, it is meant for documenting your development progress through a project and what you're doing. People seem to think that "adding sub-forums to forum" is even worth a post when it's nothing even development related, just someone using a piece of software that everyone, their pet monkey and grandmother could use. It's not what we want to see, it's not what we give a fuck about ... (By the way [MENTION=19626]Mint[/MENTION] - this wasn't aimed at specifically you, generally everyone who posts a topic here /advertising/ some form of site they made and not /documenting/ their project progress technically (i.e. the languages they're using, frameworks etc). That's what this section is meant for.) [/rant]
  7. > last 6 months over at ubers hacking and cracking > i want to return to rsps and implement what ive learnt from the last half a year Probably wasn't the best combination while trying to get unbanned, just saying ...
  8. Sounds 100 fucking percent legit, nigguh's better grab this shit up like it's raining fucking mollies.
  9. Zurb is a really nice framework, Rails is really coming out these days and I'm glad more people are moving onto it; good luck.
  10. [img]http://render64.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/fuck-off.jpg[/img]
  11. [quote name='Texeh']Fuck them. Drop a bomb on the island and kill them all.[/QUOTE] If only; families are split between the North and South. The North refuse to let anyone in, it's essentially the most dictated place on Earth.
  12. [quote name='Steve']Well, new one or old one? Neither of them would happen anyway I guess :D[/QUOTE] I've watched both, still prefer the old one even though the new was quite entertaining ^w^
  13. If any of you have seen the movie Red Dawn, you know shit's about to go down Kim Jong-un style.
  14. [quote name='Julesmk']It looks really good! The only thing i noticed is that the floor is really LQ (or too sharp? I'm not sure) All the rest looks great :)[/QUOTE] Yeah, I just realized I was still finishing this off on a 50% scale after I cropped to move some things around (including re-sizing). The stock itself is really HQ, I just screwed it by messing with it too much in 50%.