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  1. I have made my own banner up at the top of the page but if anyone can make a better one please try.
  2. I can't right now because my friend is coding slayer and things into it. I'll ask him to take some screenshots and send them to me.
  3. Apple is a very good company but they really don't need to be sueing Samsung for stupid reasons like Shirshir G said. It makes no sense why apple is sueing.
  4. ok and dude would you be wiling to make a server banner for my server?
  5. Its pretty good but it just a photo and a name. Put some more stuff into it like gradient and like fog around the edge.
  6. Hey guys the client download is now out so go to [URL="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?33517-PixelScape&highlight=pixelscape"]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?33517-PixelScape&highlight=pixelscape[/URL] for pictures and the download
  7. pot up son1


    [quote name='ymx boy']Look guys Aliens are real. If we in a galaxy and we like .00000000001 of it and there are trillions of stars like our sun. That host planets don't you think there will be aliens on those planets with aliens.[/QUOTE] Thats so true dude. I have never really thought of that but its completely true. There could be millions of species out there not only aliens.
  8. Mr Whippy its ok but it doesn't give much personality or stuff 7/10 and my other account was hacked and it was [B][I][U]Pot Up Son[/U][/I][/B]
  9. pot up son1


    [quote name='Niator']Well... Some of the shots in the video was russian rockets... But some other things like those red dots and spirals... Gotta be some alien shit.[/QUOTE] Ya i agree about the rockets and theres also some edited videos in there
  10. pot up son1


    Dude i watched that entire video and i don't know how someone couldn't believe they exist. That video right there is an alien. It gives excellent proof and i believe in them.
  11. Its a 508/ good economy/ and good staff
  12. lol not just vesta how about like [B]Pixel Pkz[/B]
  13. PixelScape is back up and running (my acc got hacked so this is the new pixelscape account)