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  1. [CENTER][IMG]https://i.imgur.com/OM3jIYl.png[/IMG] [SIZE=5][B]Fun, Friendly and Fabulous![/B][/SIZE] [SIZE=5][B][718][/B][/SIZE] Client download links: [url]http://www.speedyshare.com/FwkN2/Angelscape-Client.rar[/url] [url]http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=23601937569714764473[/url] [URL="http://uppit.com/vapuwvtmko64/Angelscape_Client.rar"]http://uppit.com/vapuwvtmko64/Angelscape_Client.rar[/URL][/CENTER] Angelscape is a new 718 server with the goal of creating a small but very fun and friendly server with a nice community. Development will be continual with fun a unique updates! Of course the players will also be able to have a say in what id added! The goal is to create a server with focus on a mix of gameplay with PvM, PvP, economy, minigames, skilling and quests! Some of the content: [CENTER][B]Custom home area[/B] [ATTACH=CONFIG]11048[/ATTACH] [B]Bosses[/B] [IMG]https://i.imgur.com/Kn83qVq.png[/IMG] [B]Skilling[/B] [IMG]https://i.imgur.com/Kzw7v9H.png[/IMG] [B]Unique content with a few interesting custom items incorporated[/B] [IMG]https://i.imgur.com/hxlqL49.png[/IMG] [B]Constant updates[/B] [IMG]https://i.imgur.com/vzt8WdU.png[/IMG][/CENTER] It's currently run by me Angel (also known as Gurkan) alone, a mature 20 year old guy who have played Runescape and RSPS for many years now. No staff drama and I will not accept any immature staff behavior. I have experience of both owning and moderating before so it's not a total newbie running the server.
  2. [quote name='Nick']if you're using Eclipse and save it automatically compiles it[/QUOTE] Yes I know and it works properly when I did it with eclipse. But what is the reason for it not working with the .bat compiler?
  3. Ran it with eclipse instead of .bat and it worked. :D [quote name='Daedalus']If your using a BAT to compile your server then make sure it's included into the build path.[/QUOTE] How would I go about doing that? I'm guessing this has something to do with this in my compiler but I thought it was set up properly: [CODE]-cp lib/*; -d bin -sourcepath src src/com/rs/*.java[/CODE]
  4. I was trying to change the dialogue of a npc when no changes happened after compiling. I then tried deleting the .class file and noticed that no new one as created when I ran my compiler. It works for every other .java file I have tried so far and even for files in the same folder. Never experienced this before and havn't found anything that seems relevant when searching. What could cause this and how do I fix it?
  5. The video shows exactly what this is. Note that this is not exactly how it looks in real Runescape and this is intentional since I went into Runescape and tried it and realized that it looks stupid when movement starts before the player character actually starts running. This is the first time I'm using WorldTasksManager :emb: , so I expect some hateful comments about how it could be done better. I hope someone actually explains it then so I can learn instead of just feeling bad. All the timings can be changed if you feel that you can make it look better but this was the best combination I found and I tried a bunch of them. [video=youtube;UxVTyCeERrQ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxVTyCeERrQ[/video] This goes into ObjectHandler in the same place as other objects that you click on. If you want to you could also add it with some different checks so you don't have to walk up to the whirlpool before it starts. [CODE]//whirlpool else if (id == 67966 && object.getX() == 2510 && object.getY() == 3506 && object.getPlane() == 0){ //delays can be changed to make it look different. In my opinion these were the ones that worked best. int delay1 = 3; //time before player turns int delay2 = delay1 + 1; //gives the player time to turn so the turning doesn't occur during the animation. int delay3 = delay2 + 2; //time before movement starts (remove this if you want it to look like in real runescape) int delay4 = delay3 + 8; //time before player is moved to the actual dungeon area. final int speed = 4; //lower makes the sprint and jump faster player.lock(15); //You need this unless you want to be able to do funny looking glitches. player.addWalkSteps(player.getX(), 3515, 0, false); //makes the player run to the correct spot (real runescape spot is 3516) WorldTasksManager.schedule(new WorldTask() { [MENTION=15855]Over[/MENTION]ride public void run() { player.setNextFaceWorldTile(new WorldTile(player.getX(), player.getY() - 1, 0)); } }, delay1); WorldTasksManager.schedule(new WorldTask() { [MENTION=15855]Over[/MENTION]ride public void run() { player.setNextAnimation(new Animation(6723)); } }, delay2); WorldTasksManager.schedule(new WorldTask() { [MENTION=15855]Over[/MENTION]ride public void run() { final WorldTile toTile = new WorldTile(player.getX(), 3509, 0); player.setNextForceMovement(new ForceMovement(player, 0, toTile, speed, ForceMovement.SOUTH)); } }, delay3); WorldTasksManager.schedule(new WorldTask() { [MENTION=15855]Over[/MENTION]ride public void run() { player.setNextWorldTile(new WorldTile(1763, 5365, 1)); player.getPackets().sendGameMessage("You dive into the swirling maelstrom of the whirlpool.", true); player.getPackets().sendGameMessage("You are swirled beneath the water, the darkness and pressure are overwhelming.", true); player.getPackets().sendGameMessage("Mystical forces guide you into a cavern below the whirlpool.", true); } }, delay4); } [/CODE]
  6. Eventually found what I was looking for so I will not need any additional help. Here it is if anyone else needs it. [CODE] player = SerializableFilesManager.loadPlayer(name); skillLevel = player.getSkills().getLevel(skillID); [/CODE]
  7. I wan't to be able to check the stats of players who are offline but I'm not sure how to go about doing this. I'm using the rune-evo v3 with very few changes currently if it makes any difference.
  8. Thanks for a very nice release! Working pretty nicely but I would love to get some help by someone who has played this a bit. What is the actual difference between the difficulty modes and is there an easy way to disable them? Training monsters seems to have very very low accuracy, is this intentional or are there problems with this throughout all monsters? A few problems I had: Tried dying with a normal account but I did not lose any items, how would I go about fixing this? Sometimes the camera acts weird, I think this is either because of entering a new area or unlocking a new music track. Is there a fix for this? In shops the price showed is different from the real price/info. How do I fix this? And about the anti-leeches, I fixed the value of the skilling item and I think I added the item bonuses correctly (if they are supposed to be txt files). Are these all or are there more?
  9. Search for the item names in the client files of the client that has them, the model ids should be in the ints for the items. You could also open all the models in datmaker and look for the models.
  10. Video blocked for copyright reasons for me :(
  11. Thanks for releasing this! Only been running around for a few minutes but everything looks really nice so far and there seems to be a lot of content. Many things seems to work and I haven't found any major problems.Only disappointment was that doors didn't work. Very long since I ran a private server but this seems like a fun base for some making and breaking of stuff while I try to learn more about how it works.
  12. Woop Woop Du gamla du fria på den då! :troll:

  13. playing it some and it's cool a bit unique to.
  14. Gurkan - Swedish much? Lol