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  1. Yep, and/or a 562 remake.
  2. QG

    *edit: I was a stupid kid.

  3. Fusion`

    lul that sig.

  4. QG


    Yes I plan on selling my soul thank you.
  5. QG

    Gaming Poll

    [quote name='SoulReturns']PC is the obvious winner, shouldn't be here. For the sake of argument I put PlayStation. Xbox 360 is better than PS3 for its neat selection of games, non-exclusives tend to run more smoothly, the network is far more stable (and worth the price), and easy ability to remove region-lock. PlayStation4 absolutely blows the Xbox One out of the water though. Since neither of the consoles have region-lock, I am free to play as many Japanese games as I'd like :) Also, the games selection looks much better this time around. The hardware is better and enables 1080p graphics at a smoother framerate than the One runs 720p. Perhaps most importantly... it's $100 cheaper.[/QUOTE] Couldn't have said this better myself.
  6. QG

    Obama vs Hitler

  7. QG

    The Hangover part III

    Giraffe scene > monkey scene in part II.
  8. All I have to say is, good luck with the server. Also I don't think anybody uses webs anymore, well since 2010 webs just pretty much died out and people moved onto paid or free-hosting to setup webclients & forums.
  9. QG

    Mod of the Month Jan 2013

    Voted for Roger, well..since he's Roger.
  10. add me on MSN jew :c guess who though o.O : [email protected] NARBZisBAQbbCAKES.

  11. QG

    Do you wear glasses?

    Yep, but without them I look weird x) switching to contacts soon (green ;0 )
  12. [quote name='Murilirum']The Free-webs kinda ruins it. I'm working on one anyways, but it's Xbox only :) Best of luck to whoever this 'admin' is even though there's only two registered accounts.[/QUOTE] Damn, Why just Xbox? :P Should add that PS3 in there too >_>
  13. QG

    Sevador #530

    Good luck , Reminds me of when 525s(I know this is a 530) were the shit..and spawning items with coins.