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  1. [quote name='MotivationX']I just gave you the link where to post, lol. Click the "here" in my previous post, then post a new thread about that vote abusing server.[/QUOTE] Sorry didn't see it!
  2. [quote name='MotivationX']Report them [URL="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?8-Toplist-Reports"]here[/URL]. Don't post unless you're absolutely, 100% sure that they're abusing. Don't make this a rivalry contest but play fair.[/QUOTE] I am 100% sure but where do I post about it? If you check the IPs he said he used ones all from the Philippians to vote if that helps any.
  3. The title pretty much says it all they use a vpn called hide my ass to get themselves votes. Its quite obvious as they are ranked 45th with 450 something votes with only 8 players... The owner has also told me they did this as i used to be staff there. Sorry if this is in the wrong section please move this thread if it is!
  4. Best server ever everyone join!!!!!!!! [URL="http://deznation.net/xforum/index.php?/topic/233-ryans-referral-entry/#entry1165"]http://deznation.net/xforum/index.php?/topic/233-ryans-referral-entry/#entry1165[/URL] Post saying i referred you please!
  5. 317. Anyone know how to code the divine spirit shield spec and damage reductions? and same with Elysian?
  6. GFX

    Best RS Bot?

    In your opinion whats the best botting website to use? I am just getting back into rs and i'm going to bot :P
  7. GFX

    Rune Legacy

    What source is this?
  8. Ive seen this posted atleast 4 times and its nothing special.
  9. This server is simply amazing!:)
  10. Hey Abnant, i have some great idea on ways to get the server re-going you know me from the old server.:) send me a pm
  11. This server has had way to many resets.
  12. [quote name='Avenging Death']MY EXPLANATION: The earth was a star, but as time went on it developed enough into a planet. Truth is god didn't make earth, because scientists have proof that Earth and the Moon, were created at the same time. Plus, neandertoll, was here before us, and they adapted to survive, so as they kept adapting, developing a new species, homosapien. Truth is the Bible was written by a king in England, who wanted to make everyone believe something, so there is no physical proof( other than the bible, which was written in After the period of this "Jesus" guy).[/QUOTE] hahahahahahahaha! /Facepalm
  13. [quote name='Giraffe']And all they've said is science this science that. Maybe God has something planned. Maybe you're the biggest idiot I've seen and are turning on me when all they are doing is saying the exact opposite of me and are repeating what they have heard other people say before, but they have no idea what they are talking about. GTFO.[/QUOTE] Why would "God" plan something... then wait thousands of years to put a "plan" into action? Your an unintelligent baboon.