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    How to Detele
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    Saving up for this car

    My brother has one and the gas money is a pain, like 250 + a month. It's a great car though, good luck.
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    I can't really tell you what to think about God because when it comes down to it, it's your decision whether to believe in a greater entity or not. But for your depression, as someone who can relate.. pills and advice from others who never had depression won't really help. Pills just made things worse and life much more stressful for me. All I could say is you need to take action for yourself. For me exercising helped to reduce my depression and I barely ever fall into it. Exercise gives you confidence and raises your serotonin levels which helps fight depression a lot, well, at least for me. I've been through a bit more of what you've been through with family/life problems making it worse. It was a dark time but it was the past. Live your life with the attitude "what has happened, has been done" no regrets, trust me it will make things much better. And for the girl, if you don't try you won't know, if she rejects you, it's her loss. If she blocks you ignore her bitch like behavior.. lol. If she wants to keep the relationship a secret and always puts you down and blocks you then she probably doesn't like you.. If she likes you then why would she block and not tell anyone about you, she should be proud... Honestly just ignore her she seems like a complete bitch :D, if she doesn't want to go out with you then move on in life because that's how life works.
  4. Edit: I'm on the verge of figuring it out, thanks. Edit: Figured it out :DD different code than Trey, but thanks alot :D
  5. mw2

    whats your favorite car

    The one that looks really cool
  6. mw2

    Girl Advice?

    Grow some balls and tell her. If she likes you too, that means she got over her bf make her break up with him.
  7. [quote name='OmfgIsRSPS']Nah it wont, if anything we will nuke them.[/QUOTE] Russia and China have nukes too...
  8. [quote name='Faab234']Sorry for the spam guys. I have removed it.[/QUOTE] Thanks a lot faab
  9. [quote name='jediz']I think he is asking about the current situation with Syria. I cannot say for sure if World War III will happen or not. It is really hard to say, and unfortunately I don't have a working crystal ball. It is your best bet to do research elsewhere other than asking uneducated fools on this website.[/QUOTE] I'm not asking about the situation, I'm asking about your opinions whether you think ww3 will happen or not.
  10. But U.S warns Russia, and Russia send threats back which could potentially start a war and each would bring their allies, same with China with the "warnings"
  11. I know a post about this was done before but it was long time ago. With all the things happening in Syria, and threats from Russia, China and North Korea to the U.S do you think WWlll could happen? Russia,China, North Korea+ allies vs U.S, U.K, Canada + allies? - Sorry for the bad English.
  12. mw2

    ::God command :)

    No you don't need to declare a variable
  13. mw2

    Water vs Fire

    Depends on the quantity...