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  1. Plans Create a friendly environment where players enjoy different aspects of the game while being close to each other. By leaving the town, players are able to take on new adventures and discover new aspects of the game. Town The town (home) area will provide the basic needs for players. Needs such as Basic gear (nothing game-breaking) Stalls which provide goods, not coins. (e.g. a scimitar stall that gives out random scimitars (bronze to mithril) depending on your thieving level) Banking Praying Basic skilling needs - such as: woodcutting, smelting, cooking, smithing, fishing, thieving Low level guards - protecting the town at all times Means of teleportation Adventure There's no standing around in Frugoo. You're always going to be doing something. Questing Skilling Player vs. environment Player vs. NPC Player vs. Player Tasks (skilling, combat, etc) Brand new looting system - will provide more information on this later on Exploration Behind the scene Region based music system 498 revision Over 1400 plugins Questing Looting Tasks Many bugs that need attention Tweaks, Optimisations & Updates 1. Made a few minor adjustments to core, disabled some mySQL components that I did not need and also disabled MS. 2. Fixed issue with GUI frame not exiting properly & freezing 3. Most basic set up is complete. Need to get my head around the plugin system 4. Made first plugin 5. Added extra home object (only basic) Media
  2. Can you please explain how you fixed the first error? Maybe you broke something.
  3. Dio

    Safe areas not safe.

    Find the method where the player death is handled. Then find where the drop gets handled. Add a boolean to check if they're in a safe zone or not. if(safe) { //do nothing? if(!safe) { //drop }
  4. Hi Sam, I don't believe there is support for game frame sizes. All you're changing is the frame size. The game dimensions will stay unaffected. There's a tool for this in the server. Run with Eclipse. All you need to do is save. Eclipse should compile automatically. See above. Do you have server.properties?
  5. Thanks for the correction. I was around 11-12 back then. Far out lol
  6. I think it was vBulletin if I can recall correctly. It's been a long fucking time though. Wow.
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    Lol this guy came back 3 years later to apologise. Kudos to you my man.
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    Yo yo yo

    Hey! It's about time since I've logged onto RL. How you guys doing?
  9. Dio

    Yooooooooooooooooooo It's been about time brah http://puu.sh/1Sk3f LOL

  10. i have more than 150 posts, could I have it please?

  11. Dean

    I miss your avatar and signature. :(