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  2. [quote name='Euphoria742']Do you have a clue about rsps development or java in general? And pretty sure No1 would download stuff u post[/QUOTE] The subject goes beyond development, the scan obviously points towards an old vulnerability ([url]https://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2012-1723[/url]). Who are you to question anything anyway?
  3. this is actually devastating.
  4. [quote name='Hollywood Undead']Okay your source and client seem to have too many errors. I recommend going to java.com and reviewing what Java is and how it works before doing anything. It's a good start of learning what variables, booleans and voids are. It's what got me to be a good coder. Then, start with a new deob source instead of a released server as those errors you could be having could possibly have anti-leech attached which means a code that starts issues. Also be sure sort the methods, booleans, and voids to their home spot within the codes: make it neat as possible! Good luck[/QUOTE] He has two errors on his client. Are you blind or just unable to comprehend the output? You're trying to be nice, I respect that, but you have absolutely zero clue of what you are talking about here. Try changing these: [code]addSprite(hoverId2, hoverSpriteId, hoverSpriteId, hoverSpriteNam e, 0, 0);[/code] to [code]addSprite(hoverId2, hoverSpriteId, hoverSpriteName);[/code] Tje addSprite method takes these as parameters: [code]int, int, String[/code] You're trying to give it [code]int, int, int, String, int, int[/code]
  5. Stacx

    A really dumb question

    [quote name='iHK47']Yes, of course. Make sure the IP is or I'm not sure if the fields still let you put in localhost but I doubt it. If I remember correctly when I switched the IP in my client it was an integer data type. You don't need to worry about firewalls, port forwarding, etc... when playing offline. Just compile and run; rinse and repeat.[/QUOTE] is not an integer, that is a string. 60 on the other hand is an integer. [url]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Integer[/url]
  6. [quote name='ZarosShadow']So you can only get certain game files from the cache (graphical models etc) but not the code?[/QUOTE] Exactly. The client is obtained from Jagex which contains the cache, however the cache does not contain the server code.
  7. No. Such server does not exist. Why? Because it requires you to completely re-program every single feature runescape has.
  8. [quote name='Emily']I was just curious, using pre-made gaming libraries has its limits and isn't really as much of a challenge, there are tons of open-source games for slick2d. I was just curious of the level of quality you were putting into this, which if you are using your own engine, hats off. Good luck![/QUOTE] Oh, you're right about that. Knowing OpenGL is something every game programmer needs to know and slick (as far as I remember, correct me if I'm wrong) does not support raw OpenGL calls. While libgdx does this, lwjgl would still be the optimal choice if it was for the pure purpose of learning. edit: Found a good quote about this: [quote] You should learn LWJGL before LibGDX. This is because LWJGL is just a binding to the OpenGL API in Java, whereas LibGDX is much higher level, and abstracts away a lot of the nitty-grittiness of OpenGL/LWJGL. However, in terms of actually doing dev work I think LibGDX is more efficient. This is because it exposes the parts of OpenGL that need to be exposed while also remaining much more convenient to use than LWJGL. I really think you should take the time to learn OpenGL. I know it's very complex and also very difficult to learn outside of a structured environment, but OpenGL and DirectX are both something that every game dev needs to have working knowledge of, if not comprehensive knowledge. You cannot be a first-rate game developer without knowing OpenGL, simple as that. The knowledge is absolutely integral. edit: You might want to look into Slick2D, I've been hearing a bit about it recently so it must have some things going for it.[/quote] ps. Thank you!
  9. [quote name='omg your 2 swag']woah 499$ is too much :S[/QUOTE] Hope gave you the answer in his first post in this thread. Short & sweet: There is no such thing. The reason your server is being exploited is because the server is poorly programmed, most of these exploits are public knowledge and if you don't [B]fix[/B] them, people will exploit them. Simple as that.
  10. [quote name='Emily']Are you using slick2d for this lol?[/QUOTE] No. edit: what was the point behind this post?
  11. If you take the operation, I hope everything will go well... I wish you the best of luck, stay strong.
  12. much love such skill wow