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  1. Sounds cool ! If you are beginner than you can start up with HTML. Because programming is much boring for someone. So if you starting with other language and at first level if you think that i am not able to learn it, than it's not good. But HTML is very simple and you can implement your new ideas and can create some extra things. So HTML is better language for you. All the Best !
  2. Thanks for sharing this tutorials. Really everyone has to read this tutorial once. In this thread, there are also some tricky tips included which i likes the most to hack Admin password. Try to post some more threads relating to this topic.
  3. Wow. Thanks a lot for sharing. I having this problems. I have purchased 512 MB graphic card than also in some games, graphics are running very slow. Before i was thinking that it has problem of Graphic card but after that same problem. I think this trick will help me out.
  4. From my experience i will say than you should have to go for Xbox 360. I also have Playstation 3 before Xbox but the playing experience is too much high as compared to Playstation. And one more benefit of Xbox is that you can good games CD's in XBox.
  5. Yeah. Your channel is good. I am appreciating your work but you still have to work more because some of the videos quality is not good so there can be bad impact of your channel in viewer's mind. So work more and upload some new videos.