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  1. Sure just not on this site.

  2. Boner Achieved
  3. can i take ur pokemon avatar? pls...

  4. I don't find this sad... Anyone else?
  5. Free just buy mine that work lol...
  6. [quote name='high105']Ok you should just spawn ::object 411 that will work the 2 prayer ones. I'll try to get you a ::maxhit...... And i have to get the ::prayer and ::heal off my vps.[/QUOTE] I'll just sell him mine when you dont have to do the object shit.
  7. Barrick

    [PI] BrokenX v1

    I wanted the first one lol, with edgeville home.... Fail troll is fail
  8. Barrick

    Botting on vps.

    Nice, extra 33,000 xp with those dungeoneering points (:
  9. I, (Barrick), want to be a Beta Tester of Contagion 562/659. Therefor, I agree that I will be available a good amount of time. My time zone is: Eastern Timezone My age is: 16 I want to be a Beta Tester because: I'm a beast, and I can find problems really quick And my MSN and/or Skype is: [You Have me Added] [email][email protected][/email]
  10. Barrick

    Adding Dice 317

    317 source?