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  1. Check this: [url=http://lmgtfy.com/?q=how+to+open+a+.bin]Linkie[/url]
  2. [quote name='milf hunter'][MENTION=88]Hazel[/MENTION] I know. That's why I love 562s so much :p and [MENTION=44072]Beuner[/MENTION] what do you mean? Haha[/QUOTE] This :D [img]http://i568.photobucket.com/albums/ss122/beastmode904/CustomClient.jpg[/img] I like the idea tho, but I like my login screen a little less colored :D.
  3. I like it, but wayy too much color man :D.
  4. No, just no.
  5. It's cool when you have a lot of players, if you got like 20 players it's not really useful.
  6. I believe that that's just an interface for every staff. Idk the id tho.
  7. That's some great dungeoneering you have there! You found those coordinates and now your letting people run trough them! Real 100%!
  8. Beuner

    Quest System

    Pretty neat, a good skeleton to work with.
  9. Thanks for this, haven't been looking into Gravestones but this will sure come in hand when I do :).
  10. [quote name='axter']Leechers don't get any players, so I'm not worried.[/QUOTE] Then you haven't seen my little brothers server...
  11. Oh god, with this release it's going to be the Matrix story all over again. Within now and the following weeks I expect over 100 new server threads with Clan Citadels and Botony Bay...
  12. It's funny how a lot of people say they are going to have sex but like 95% of them is going to spend the day the same as any other day...
  13. I think that you mean 99% Frosty Teh Snowman and not 100%, but I already downloaded this on R-S. But it's cool that you released it here so people here can use it too. And I think this needs to be in the Downloads section.