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  1. Backstory: Posted this a few years back for some bullshit 'unique experience' thing I tried to pull off. It failed miserably. The new Battle of Lumbridge sounds pretty close to this. [quote name='Josh'] The God of Chaos, [color=red]Zamorak[/color], has violated the Edicts of [color=green]Guthix[/color], and now with the help from his followers, plans on taking over Misthalin and Asgarnia. [color=beige]Bandos[/color] and [color=brown]Armadyl[/color] led their armies, side-by-side, in a spontaneous alliance it hopes to end this before [color=green]Guthix[/color] wakes once again and fulfills his promise to destroy the World, and all that is on it. However, they were abushed by statgically located [color=green]Zamorakian[/color] agents, particlarly [color=red]Lucien[/color], [color=red]Hazeel[/color], [color=red]Iban[/color] and most notably, [color=red]K'ril Tsutsaroth[/color] and his body guards. All of them are now placed with other [color=red]Zamorak[/color] followers into hidden caves, plotting their next move. [color=blue]Saradomin[/color], being the last surviving God with the ability to even harm [color=red]Zamorak[/color], retaliates in full force. He takes over Kardarin, killing King Laros, and has control over all cities up to Taverally. The Gods realize that if they have any forces in the Wilderness, [color=green]Guthix[/color] would surley take notice, so they avoid there and fight solely in Misthalin and Asgarnia. However, in a new element, unlike the previous God Wars, humans are the deciding factor in this war. This is [b]The 6th Age[/b]. [/quote] Just heard about RS3 via Reddit and went to check it out. I came pretty close to calling it. Sorry if this isn't the right subforum, its been awhile.
  2. [quote name='Christopher`']You see, you're too simple minded. You're like that [I]really[/I] slow, [I]really[/I] shitty Windows 2000 computer with 256mb of RAM[/QUOTE] [B]HEY GUYS! GUYS! I AM SMARTER THAN YOU AND INSULT YOU USING COMPUTER PHRASEOLOGY! AREN'T I COOL? OH AND I SMOKE WEED TOO. JUST LOOK AT MY SIGNITURE. IT MAKES ME SUPER SUPER COOL.[/B] That's what you sound like in this thread. The other kid looks like more of a faggot than you are (lul I r anno, do not forgive do not forget) and it seems everyone hates him, but he isn't being a dick for an apparent lack of reason.
  3. Josh


    [quote name='MrFear']Not from scratch, but certainly get a few codes to start off with.[/QUOTE] Oh, I was under the impression you can do anything under 700-something. I guess I'll take my business else where.
  4. Josh


    [quote name='MrFear']Read what I typed, I don't go first only for donators. Also my skype is: RuneTrilogy[/QUOTE] I have hundreds of dollars in vouches. I'll pay before you give me the files but I want to see it running first.
  5. Josh


    [quote name='MrFear']Are you willing to pay?[/QUOTE] Of course! Name your price. I'll pay once it is completed.
  6. Josh


    [quote name='MrFear']4. Coding Services, I will code anything you need, cache problems etc. 718+ I cant do sorry. [/QUOTE] Finally! I always needed a coder. You work with 317 right? I am just going to assume yes because its less than 718. Anyways I just need you to rewrite the client from scratch for me. That's all I need! Thanks bud.
  7. [quote name='Christopher`']What kind of linux help?[/QUOTE] My guess is he is talking about [URL=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Man_page]these[/URL] which I guess you could write about but writing a guide on documentation seems redundant to me. Then again I'm terrible with *nix and know almost next to nothing about it so there is that.
  8. [quote name='fellixombc'][color=#b22222][size=6][font=comic sans ms]how [/font][/size][/color][color=#40e0d0][size=6][font=comic sans ms]much [/font][/size][/color][color=#ffd700][size=6][font=comic sans ms]would [/font][/size][/color][color=#0000ff][size=6][font=comic sans ms]i get [/font][/size][/color][color=#ee82ee][size=6][font=comic sans ms]paid [/font][/size][/color][color=#ffa500][size=6][font=comic sans ms]weekly?[/font][/size][/color] [size=1]tree-fiddy? [/size][/quote] God damn loch ness monster.
  9. [quote name='Harley Quinn']The newegg/NCIX guides don't fully show what to do, plus people are dumb and cannot google.[/QUOTE] I managed to build my first computer with only the Newegg YouTube Guides and no previous experience. Then I realized "Hey, this shit is basically me just plugging shit into ports that are made to fit the plug, why is this so glorified?". Now, if you were to make a indepth guide on troubleshooting that might be helpful. Also, if you are buying computer parts I'm sure you know how to use google/YouTube.
  10. [quote name='Cart']That question is completely opinion.[/QUOTE] Not quite. Obviously Safari on Windows isn't up to scale with Chrome or FF. Between firefox and chrome, the main differences comes down to add ons. Use a lot of Google products? Chrome is perfect for you. Like the Firefox Addon selection better than Chromes? Go for it. Internet Explorer is actually somewhat catching up to them and might become a player in the browser market soon. Oh and Harley, don't make a building a computer guide. It won't be able to top Neweggs/other resources already out there. I think it would just be a waste of time.
  11. Josh

    Upgrading my laptop

    Hey faggot. Installing a Hard Drive is quite easy on a laptop. There should be a thing that you push to pop off parts of the bottom and you should be able to see the HDD. Just remember you can't have more than 1 in at a time more than likely so you can't transfer files. Your graphics are more than likely on board and wont be able to be changed. No idea on how to install RAM on a laptop but it should be easy and pop right in, just make sure you stand on tile and touch like a door knob beforehand.
  12. MMO: Eve, Wow RTS: Starcraft 2 FPS: CS:GO, TF2 Blow the shit out of stuff: Just Cause 2, there is a multiplayer mod as well Story: Half Life 1/2, a game called Black Mesa which is a remake of half life one just came out and is free to play thou it is currently missing the ending.
  13. Let's not attracted a bunch of skiddies here
  14. [QUOTE=BMW';672589]Don't try and build your own computer if you don't know how to. And I take it you don't know how if you're asking us what items you want inside your box. Find a shitty computer and take it apart than put it back together to give yourself practice. You don't want to waste your money by breaking a vital piece. :p[/QUOTE] I had no fucking clue what I was doing when I first built my computer ([url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPIXAtNGGCw]Shameless Newegg Plug[/url]). Once you get the basic understanding down it's smooth sailing like Harley said. What does your budget look like? That can effect a lot of things.
  15. [quote name='`Tyluur']I only have 1.1GB of available RAM left [/QUOTE] Shit, are the RAM gnomes out again? You meant disk space, not RAM, unless your sticks are being stolen by some gnomes that only come out at night and sell them for profit. Anyways, best way to go about this would to have not touch anything on your computer, secure all your files you want/need, get your Windows key for potential future use, then pop in an install disk and have it wipe everything, but apparently you fucked it up. What could be the problem: check to see if it is even booting off the flash drive, when your computer starts up and some words should be at the bottom, it will tell you what key to press to edit settings or boot order (it varies by BIOS) and make sure CD (if you burn it onto a CD, other wise put USB) is at the top. Let me know how this goes, I don't think it'll work but it may, if it failed I'll try to think of something else.