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  1. Hello Sir (:

  2. No, I'm busy.

  3. Hey Carr, One more question, Can u help me add a shop in a 508 loading 525?

  4. korasi sword.

  5. HEy carr do u mind helping me on my server adding an item?

  6. hey vesta main, could u perhaps help me on my korasi sword? i have a model i just know how to do the ints

  7. plz teamviewer me: 739 643 852 4904

  8. Can u help? idk where to put in itemdef.. can u teamviewer? because im confused were to like put it
  9. I just Downloaded korasi model and put it in model folder.. Thing is, idk how to add the int's etc, could someone help me? its on a 525. I will be paying if wanted/needed.
  10. How? Can someone give me the int's? And its like there.. i think i jus t need to make it 2 handed