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  1. Hey chronicscape, This is some old ass RL account linked to my email, but can I use this source for a project? I am going through school learning coding and since i am off for the term i was curious if i could use this for my project. I have no plan on actually making a server (I already have done this when i was like 13 lol). Just wanting a coding project, so i can keep up on my coding.
  2. sorry forgot to add this but i am looking for pvp not pvn
  3. so i am wondering how do i add multi-barrage i have tried searching but nothing came up if anyone can help that would be great thanks!
  4. im confused on how to make it from where varrock ditch starts near g.e to the end of the varrock side multi wildy. i am still trying to figure this out if i can get any help that would be great thanks. here is my code on multi not sure how to add it because before i keep on getting errors. [code]public boolean multiZone() { if(this instanceof Player) { if(((Player) this).inFightPits) { return true; } }[/code]
  5. hey do you have the compile code by any chance i didnt get one when i dl the source.
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  7. nice dude may use near feature downloading thanks!