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  1. [quote name='Zykev2']I agree it'd be interesting to get some opinions in here, however as you know Runelocus is filled with kids who at the first sight of anything educational that they have to think run for the hills.[/QUOTE] it was the constant infractions 5ish months ago
  2. This is a ridiculous topic. Nobody, no president, no person holding public office DESERVES that office. That is THE MOST tyrannical and ridiculous thing you could ever say. The presidential candidates will have to earn that position. So, for obvious reasons, no
  3. [quote name='Trey']Again, you're assuming atheists are evil and lack morals, which is wrong. Just because we don't believe that we'll suffer in a fictional hell doesn't mean we'll go around [B]raping your churches and burning your women[/B]. If anything, it makes us more moral, considering we aren't being good people out of fear or reward but simply because we want to be treated the same way by others. It isn't that hard of a concept to grasp, and we surely don't need a religion to tell us how to do it. I don't need to be threatened into being moral. Morals and religion and completely separate.[/QUOTE] Other way around. On topic: Poor kid. I'm a religious man, but it is in my religion to respect everyone else and their views, and I most certainly feel that way. Though, generalizing all religious people as hypocrites and evil because of these rednecks is ridiculous. (And vice versa, for that matter). There is no reason to say "religious morons" when this specific group of people are just idiots. Back off topic: It's Louisiana, what do you expect? (I bet they still have slaves there too)
  4. Reasonable suspicion makes sense. But invading just because they want to is on a whole new level.
  5. Megak

    World War III

    [quote name='Rog3r']Middle-east won't happen because they depend on America and Europe for money/weapons. Also the people have been rising against the governments quite a bit in protest of corruption and shit like that, so that decreases the chance even more. Russia won't happen because relations between the Russian PM and USA PM have been the 'strongest ever'. I don't think we should expect a WW3 anytime soon.[/QUOTE] It's definitely far fetched, but if it were to hypothetically happen, what would be the result? Middle East would be oil related
  6. Megak

    World War III

    [quote name='Marcus01']Yes it was. I never said it was a problem, theres not to get over, niggers (racist name for african americans) so niggerland (african american land).[/QUOTE] african american land? Where does america get into this? It would be Africa, not niggerland, not kneegrowland, not african american land, and most definitely not jiggabooland
  7. Megak

    World War III

    [QUOTE]Uhm.. They wouldnt directly be in the war though. The only country that even has part of a military is vietnam.[/QUOTE] Yes, being a resource country for a war makes you directly part of a war
  8. Megak

    World War III

    [quote name='Marcus01']Mexico, vietnam, spain, africa(niggerland),cuba? udumbro? [IMG]http://i52.tinypic.com/28unsx3.jpg[/IMG][/QUOTE] Above you^
  9. Megak

    World War III

    [quote name='Kill Joy']Fixed it for you.[/QUOTE] That wouldn't make sense. North Africa would be dominated for oil canals, Mexico would be agricultural production, Spain would be attempted to be dominated because they're isolated from Europe. Vietnam would also be in production, Cuba would be target for short-range missiles to USA
  10. Megak

    Playing Favorites

    [quote name='Sethy']The mods are pretty lenient compared to what they should be. If I were mod, I'd ban half the community probably.[/QUOTE] Some stuff, I agree, some stuff I disagree. What I would do more if I was a mod, is break up fights through banning. Any fight will result in both parties being banned for 1 day immediately. What I wouldn't do is the word censoring on this forum, like infracting for saying "retarded" Stuff like this is what mods are SUPPOSED to do and what they ACTUALLY do
  11. [quote name='_s1gma']the winapi is a nasty boner, you're not alone.[/QUOTE] that made my day :D
  12. Megak

    World War III

    [quote name='Zykev2']You can't have a world war with 2 countries, if anything the line up would probably be on one side: USA, Canada, Australia, Isreal, U.K, Germany, Japan, (Maybe france), India, South Korea the other: China, Russia, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Along with Jihadist (Taliban, Al-Queda, ect) most likely nuclear war. It's kind of a silly thing to debate about because its all hypothetically speaking meaning nobody is wrong...[/QUOTE] You would have to spark it from at least a 2 country conflict. You also left out Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Vietnam, Germany, Spain, all of Africa, and Cuba. You could have people wrong, i.e. somebody could say that people will start to masturbate on skyscrapers to pray against a nuke coming to their city.
  13. Megak

    Weed vs Alcohol

    [quote name='Zykev2']Did you really just say that you can invalidate all arguments on how alcohol is bad based on your experience and knowledge? Lmfao, that was probably the funniest thing I've read in this section.[/QUOTE] I was basing that off the fact that if you drink in moderation, you can invalidate basically all health arguments.
  14. Megak


    From a societal view..... 1) Adoptions and orphanages cost a TON of money on taxpayers for several reasons, mostly through child support costs and the fact the children are always moving around 2) People that don't get abortions do this instead: Get pregnant, deliver, give the baby to the hospital, repeat 3) Abortion cost: Roughly $600. Cost to raise a child well below the poverty line: $168,876 with no college expense. You tell me.