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  1. Pat'

    Merry Christmas.

    Merry Christmas... LELELE its 25th here, currently 11:35am I love being ahead of other countries
  2. Draxxus, Thats just beautiful! You got my vote
  3. First the get 2 range, then they get their 99 mage.. It's supposed to leave ur combat at 3 if you were to do soul wars.
  4. Breathe.. Breathe.. Is the server on the correct port?
  5. Hes not asking for opinions.. Hes asking for someone to do it for him
  6. Pat'

    Requesting title screen

    You got the cache ?
  7. Honestly.. I don't undestand the theme for this SOTW's.
  8. Pat'

    When is Your Holidays?

    YEAH! Last day tomorrow! No school for 8 weeks (:
  9. Dragon Defender = Dragon Scimitar... =/ No originality there The helm is just awful! IMO
  10. More than you did. Yours is just basic don't expect to get any votes