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  1. Hello Everyone, Im going to tell you about my VPS and my Coding Services. All i'm asking for is a Rank in game, and Im going to give you [B]2 MONTHS PAID VPS[/B], and Will code for the lifetime of the server :) My VPS features: [ATTACH=CONFIG]8671[/ATTACH] If you're interested, Contact me on: Skype: Ahmedna96 Or just PM me here, or comment below. Thank you :D
  2. I dont recommend u this though..Im stuck with this :S
  3. I used this for my server, and fixed over 100 bugs :) </3
  4. Hello I'm selling a VPS that is Valid Till [B]13/August/2013[/B] Its 512MB, Windows Server 2003. Skype: Ahmedna96 Or PM me here.
  5. I get this error when Im starting my server, the server runs, but the gtlvote doesnt [ATTACH=CONFIG]8456[/ATTACH] Whats the solutiion? I have my Remote MYSQL with the server IP, but something's wrong with my server connecting to the database. I also changed the stuff in Server.Java same as the database info. SomeOne Help pelase <3
  6. YES ! Thats what i meam Beaveryy
  7. Hello Everyone, I started my server like a week ago, and I finally could get it on vps, so I just wanted to ask a few questions.. I already have GTLVOTE 1.1 on my server, but the problem is that it doesnt run along with the server, it requires mysql thingy, and I still dont have a website for the server, now im hosting the webclient on webs.com..so can someone please give me an idea on the requirements for the website? and is it like I have to buy a domain first? and can someone recommend me a good web hosting site for a good price of domain too?
  8. Project insanity
  9. Who can help me with this and gimme a command that works for everyone (PLAYERS+STAFF+DONOR), to make them able to spawn But with COINS?
  10. [SIZE=5]The server just started, Please Don't Post Bad Comments..[/SIZE] [CENTER]Click Here to Download [URL="https://www.dropbox.com/s/qdzhougg9x3ui7n/client.jar"]https://www.dropbox.com/s/qdzhougg9x3ui7n/client.jar[/URL] Webclient [URL="http://elitepking317.tk/"]http://elitepking317.tk/[/URL] Servers Features: -Instant Switching -Different Teleport system compared to most pi's -Clipped Npcs -Webclient Ready -Fixed Auto cache (Would download cache b4 but client wouldn't start) -Eearning potential system (You will need to add the Artifacts, in Earningpotential.java, your self currently its just vestas and coins) -Woodcutting -Mining -Smithing -Fletching -Firemaking -Crafting -Fishing and Cooking -Curses -Prayer -Slayer -Farming -Multiple Training Locations -And more (Go check)[/CENTER]