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  1. Why'd you come back? Thordur's black hole will forever pull you back now.
  2. I'm not currently looking for a team, but I am in the process of creating development infrastructure for team-work. Here are some requirements that will be listed, though some may change: Bitbucket account & experience using managing source control with git. Experience with writing clean, efficient code with proper formatting. Good understanding of Revision 317 protocol of RuneScape. Now these aren't guaranteed to be all requirements, but that's the basic requirement's I've thought of. Trials doesn't require developers to be actively working on content, but if a developer sets a task / goal, we expect it to be worked on. Here are a few thing's we'll be needing from various developers: Data management (Item/NPC stats, spawns, definitions) Content writers (Combat {PvP. PvE, EvE}, Minigames, Skills, Quests) Debuggers (Not necessarily needs to develop, but will find & patch issues) Dialogue & Shop managers (Creates dialogues, manages shop stocks)
  3. Sorry that I haven't made any updates.. Suddenly I became unsatisfied and tried to quit RSPS for good. While it did last me some time, it didn't work as I wished, so maybe I'll have some time to work on this. Astraeus-legacy's (framework I'm using) has no combat except for a system for adding onto it, and so I did. I get all of my combat formula from a thread on RuneScape's forums. You can find that here: http://services.runescape.com/m=forum/forums.ws?317,318,712,65587452,goto,1 I have been working on it, and I'll push out an update video soon, but hopefully I fix an issue I am having with it before then.. All I can say is that the melee formula's are accurate, but I haven't quite added correct item / npc bonuses.
  4. Mayhem'

    April Fools 2017

    That's why I said it'd be an april fools joke.
  5. Mayhem'

    April Fools 2017

    You guys should've said "Welcome our new RuneLocus administrator: Scu11!" for an april fools joke.
  6. I've switched from PI to Astraeus. Astraeus is a high performance RuneScape emulator for the #317 protocol, by Freyr. (GitHub: https://github.com/chadalen/astraeus) No media updates yet. My next focus is on the combat system, which I will try my best to accurately emulate based on information either provided through http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/ however, if anyone has some more accurate documentation and would like to share, please drop a comment below.
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    Need help

    From my experience, I don't think you can do that without fucking up your partition, but I'm not a genius when it comes to these things. If I were you, I'd just find a really big directory (possibly containing multiple directories, with directories even inside of those directories) and move them onto another disk. I'm sure it'll be very slow, but it'll be worth it. Also, if you got loads of games or software that you don't use, uninstall them as you can always reinstall them later if you really need them.
  8. Sorry but honestly they look like full name initials. You should probably have your friend edit the original reddit post and have him give you permission / confirmation.
  9. @Droxcy get's my vote, christopher's was purely a basic edit of the original:
  10. Another update! This time, I am working on a game options menu. This can be accessed from the login screen. The label "Game Options" flashes at random times to give a fancy touch to the menu. This screen was based off of the OSRS world select screen.
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    Get yourself and ide, one such as Netbeans, IntelliJ or Eclipse. I personally use Netbeans, but IntelliJ may be better to use. Watch this video as an example on how to create a project using existing sources:
  12. New client update: Idle player camera rotation. This means when a player goes idle for 2 minutes, the camera will rotate around the player. This is just a fancy addition to the client. In other news, I've added an account recovery button at the login screen. When clicked, it'll open a page to a google docs form where you can submit a request for an account recovery.
  13. Oh wow, I really didn't notice. Thanks for letting me know.
  14. One way to give developers a reason to join, is to create categories that are specific to certain revisions of runescape, like rune-server does. Also this means divide the private server sections, making client sided development a different section than server sided development. That's personally one of the only reasons I use r-s, since merging client side development and server sided development clutters up a section and makes it harder to search through certain sections.
  15. And why do you suppose nobody visits the forums? I blamed it on essential features that people need and care about when writing out project threads, or etc.. I didn't have any problem with the theme, when I was talking about layout and design, I meant the way sections and categories are laid out. You can deny it if you want, but ease-of-access is some of the most important features in a website.