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  1. Potastic


  2. Lorem Ipsum? Sorry no, I don't want that to be on my website.
  3. [quote name='Nighthawk123']Wha-Newfags are easiest to trick. Like luring to wildly.[/QUOTE] The stupid "ditch" or however it's called kind of ruined it.
  4. [quote name='Cart']2007 was east of there noob. [MENTION=39]Potastic[/MENTION], look at dis newfeg.[/QUOTE] I say we exterminate all them newfags.
  5. Oldschool = Varrock, same bank but other side. Between the bank and the place where you can buy magic staff's. The more expensive stuff was sold behind the bank. (f2p worlds, I still know my facts)
  6. [quote name='Cart']Get in line, you're behind Smudge and Ikiliki. [[/QUOTE] those guys are hackers why do you trust them :s
  7. It won't reach 750k votes, we're only at 350k atm with only 6 days left to go. I don't know whether they chose the best strategy, making it F2P would attract a lot of (old) players which would give RuneScape a boost again. P2P is something that holds back a lot of people atm (in my thoughts), but I guess they're doing what's the best for their pockets, they've put a lot more research into it than I did.
  8. Anyone want to share his account for a while (let me try the game out)? I don't know whether I want to play again or not. I just feel like testing it out & if I really like it (which I probably won't) I might play it for real. And no, I won't hack you lol.
  9. I ain't buying membership for that. They should also release F2P worlds, moneyhungrywhores.
  10. [quote name='Smudge']My suggestion is we sell Cboy to some Somalian Pirates, I don't know why; but I just know it'll work.[/QUOTE] Won't work, Cboy's dad owns Somalia.
  11. Potastic


    Just read the post on the official site. How lame is it that they're only offering it for p2p players unless they receive 750k votes. I would only consider rejoining if it was f2p.
  12. Potastic


    So you have to start all over again?