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  1. Iv re-dled like 5 times and on all that one does not work.... Any one else? :( And if any one can TV me for them it could happen as well. Please and thanks. :(
  2. Ok 3 things. How do I flip the background back to normal..... How do i get rid of logo's. How do I change log-in box. I need to do all this without the View/Edit Image Archive of toms cache suite because that does not open for me. helpz?
  3. D1f3

    [PI] Background change

    Ok I really need to fix this, can some one Team View me and fix it for me PLEASE because i honestly dont know what else to do. PLease.
  4. D1f3

    [PI] Background change

    x_x ofc it was the same, he made me think that it had to be common "p" lol.
  5. D1f3

    First ever GFX

    Not bad for a first try, now try advancing. :p
  6. D1f3

    [PI] Background change

    That didn't do anything. -.-
  7. D1f3

    [PI] tellie's (Help)

    Rite well, when I go to my zammy mage and telly my self to my mind rune alter, he tellies me outisde of the area so I cannot craft em. How do I change the location I spawn when I get tellied from him? Thanks in advance :)
  8. D1f3

    [PI] Background change

    Sorreh but its one of the last things i need to figure out BUMP BUMP :)
  9. And he knows it to! :)

  10. AHAHAHAAHAHAAAAA funny because he's different

  11. I think we have angerd him. :o