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  1. thank you very much been looking for working link!
  2. hey, i tried taking the pouch files out of mentios and compiling but never worked just got errors so, figured ill ask the pros lol. if u got anything add me on skype or reply here. skype - brandon.nash3
  3. drop editor. send me pm if u want a copy of mine :D
  4. how do you change the local client name?? like in zenith, something simple is soo hard lol
  5. ill buy the account, but you pay for middle man.

  6. Tell me if you still want to buy.

  7. I could accept like a 55m offer ;o

  8. hey guys, when ever i equip my dungeoneering hood, it just goes into the ring slot. i already tried to fix it by going into equipment.java and added it to helms but it didnt fix(compiled with no errors)
  9. im using the zenith 728 source and ive been searching how to change drops/drop rates on NPCS and i just cant figure this out im stumped lol i know how but i just cant find the correct folder?? any ideas?
  10. just add the sell option to the G.e??? not that hard
  11. i currently am with bell aliant fiber op and my modem is actiontec and ive tried multiple times to portforward but it just will not work!!! help me pleasse??
  12. axter is a straight up retard lol