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  1. Goodluck bro
  2. How i make the userbars go like [url]http://prntscr.com/63dvx[/url] on IPB? Currently it shows me 1 userbar.
  3. same is with my ipod touch..
  4. dude add ym msn il make u a banner a good 1 her add me msn [email protected] ore skype alex.helleren1

  5. Why are you quitting?

  6. Bloodah

    R.I.P Bloodah

    I am going to quit forever, and never will be on, May some staff make it sure by banning me? :)
  7. Bloodah

    I Wtf'd so hard

    You welcomed to finland =/
  8. Bloodah


    Wow! l00ks @w3s0m3
  9. You stole my banner, and my name Asshole. If you don't change your name from rspsmarket to something else soon, I will sue you.