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  1. I mean on the callback itself. Understand it is a breaking change so I'm really not expecting that one to change, however. Better than nothing, and from the numbers I was looking at dynamic IPs are only common in the US. That would make Runelocus very different from the other toplists again (and I somewhat doubt they would follow).
  2. To list questionable choices in the voting API: GET instead of POST (other toplists seem to do this too, but not all!) As mentioned IP is never fed back, and could be used to help avoid abuse Having a dedicated IP/hostname for the callback would be helpful to verify that requests indeed come from you (callback.runelocus.com ie to confirm with) New endpoints that would be handy: A way to fetch votes since x period, in case of downtime on user end (or callbacks failing for other reasons) Batch-API to see if someone voted by listing/ip to periodically check and tip people to vote Thank you for actually looking into it
  3. Ooh. You have it in a PCIe adapter? Might explain it then. I use a built-in M.2 slot (ASUS ROG Strix Z370-E Gaming).
  4. That's weird. Is your motherboard NVMe compatible (having M.2 slot doesn't mean it is). And the driver - did you install that? http://downloadcenter.samsung.com/content/DR/201710/20171026151637517/Samsung_NVM_Express_Driver_2.3.exe
  5. You are practically maxed tbh. Invention is very fast (can afk fishing when not doing combat etc) and divination is 100% AFK in the Arc and ~110K xp/h without boosts. Hunter is ~1M xp/h (and double XP weekend in a month)
  6. True, but I do hit benchmarks close to those advertised ones (which are always on the higher end of what you'll actually have): Samsung 960 Evo M.2 NVMe: Samsung 840 Evo 2.5" SSD for comparison:
  7. Like this: Ironmen can't use treasure hunter which is where most of it is - we can use (most) MTX events though, I just personally don't usually.
  8. Check it out...! But do be patient. At some point in early 2016 I decided to give it a shot, and it probably took me a month before I actually got hooked on it. If you have the time and/or dislike starting with an old account that you don't like to play now, make an ironman. It really makes you learn about new content.
  9. Absolutely, and even more so when you move around with it often (SSDs don't have mechanical parts to read/write). The performance gain would just be a plus then, and presumably the size won't matter much if your important data is cloud-based. In case anyone else has a HDD vs SSD question (for desktop): consider M.2 SSD if your motherboard supports it. The Samsung 960 Evo is close to 2.5" SSDs, and offer about ~6x reads and ~3x writes (with the assumption most SSDs are 500/500 MB/s read/write; Samsung 960 Evo offers 3200 MB/s read and 1500 MB/s write). Either way - get that disk replaced before it dies completely!
  10. Do you still play? Would love another update if you do
  11. [quote name='Hash']I wouldn't use .NET framework for this, I would stick to Java.[/QUOTE] This. The RuneScape client is written in Java, so even if your excuse to use .NET would be performance related it'd be questionable seeing as you would rely on a JVM anyway.
  12. [quote name='jordanicey']I got my server to load through Eclipse however, i keep getting errors from the 'string' interger. public static final int EDGEVILLE_X = 3087; public static final int EDGEVILLE_Y = 3500; public static final String EDGEVILLE = ""; public static final int AL_KHARID_X = 2916; public static final int AL_KHARID_Y = 3176; public static final String AL_KHARID = ""; public static final int KARAMJA_X = 3293; public static final int KARAMJA_Y = 3183; public static final String KARAMJA = ""; public static final int MAGEBANK_X = 3084; public static final int MAGEBANK_Y = 3248; public static final String MAGEBANK = ""; Seems like all the "string" have errors throughout the whole source. If anyone could help, that'd be great. Thank you.[/QUOTE] Sounds like Eclipse had no success locating Java. Navigate [FONT=Courier New]Project -> Properties -> Java Build Path -> Libraries[/FONT] to ensure the referenced Java library exists (as in no red underline). The downloaded bundle surely had Raw Envy's Eclipse Project settings included (.classpath and .project), and I hope you're not using the version of Java he would have used 2 years ago. [img]http://puu.sh/gEcIx/e05dad2b1e.png[/img]
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    [quote name='Daedalus']NPC spawning? idk xD[/QUOTE] That'd be on the engine, and Mod Ash is a content developer ;) Besides, world NPCs are added on the map editor they use.
  14. Nouish


    There are too many good answers to this question, Cart :c Personally I'd love to see the cave horrors drop code, but that is mostly because I've had a few hundred black masks in my time and want to really know the odds of getting the many drops they offer.
  15. This reminds me of the days of MSN. It was possible to change your displayed name really fast and send a message just before changing back to your original name. The message would look as if the other person wrote it.
  16. Run it because you enjoy it and want to have something to do - not because you plan to rely on it for income. If you fail that, players will be getting ignored unless they happen to have questions on how to "donate" (at this point in time they are microtransactions and no longer donations). You BUY donator points and what not, you don't DONATE for them. [quote name='Birdhouse919']Actually, they are some of the best ways to learn. Most 317's are all using out-dated or incorrectly formatted code (At-least Project Insanity).[/QUOTE] I have yet to see a well-written and maintainable RS2 server implementation. And for all that is good - do not send me links to some 554 or whatever it is these days as they are poorly designed aswell.
  17. [quote name='krazykash']I actually really love PI. It's the only source I like working with. I mean Hyperion and all that are amazing, nicely coded and etc and in comparison to PI with it's processes() and a million loop iterations, they kind of overshadow PI. I just think if people are going to release tutorials for PI they should work towards improving it not in the other direction. Oh and also, it's not really a revision.[/QUOTE] I hope you're not saying "all iterations are bad" and that you understand it's how you utilize them that sometimes makes for problems (be it slow processing or concurrent modification exceptions, etc)
  18. [quote name='Raw Envy']Merry almost Christmas, bump ;)[/QUOTE] Christmas is finished for some us! ;)
  19. I voted for submitter 3, but any of the top-three would fit nicely. The last one's "dark theme" isn't very dark in my opinion. Actually, I should probably not comment too much on this topic, seeing as my graphical skills are really really bad.
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    Dialogue help!

    [quote name='Gripper']Idk. All I know is he gives out 5 gifts for free, but I don't want each player getting unlimited supply of each gift.[/QUOTE] I modified that message to answer your question. It appears a new instance of the SantaClaus class is created whenever the dialogue is opened (not familiar with the codebase, sorry). What you need to do is to retain the "player has received present" flag from dialogue to dialogue and session to session.
  21. Nouish

    Dialogue help!

    [quote name='Gripper']Its not allowing me to have only 1 gift per person. Its only giving me multiple times and I dont want people getting rich over 1 thing and getting bored.[/QUOTE] [CODE]@Override public void run(final int interfaceId, final int componentId) { if (stage == -1) { sendEntityDialogue(SEND_1_TEXT_CHAT, new String[] { player.getDisplayName(), "It's wonderful to meet you. Yes I would." }, IS_PLAYER, player.getIndex(), 9827); stage = 1; Santa = true; } else if (stage == 1) { sendOptionsDialogue("Select your present", "10,000,000gp", "200 Squeal Spins", "Pet cat", "Lobster set", "Goodbye..."); stage = 2; } else if (stage == 2) { if (componentId == OPTION_1) { player.getInventory().addItem(995, 10000000); } else if (componentId == OPTION_2) { player.setSpins(200); player.refreshSqueal(); } else if (componentId == OPTION_3) { player.getInventory().addItem(1567, 1); } else if (componentId == OPTION_4) { player.getInventory().addItem(379, 20); } if (componentId != OPTION_5) { Santa = true; } end(); } else if (stage == 6) { player.setNextAnimation(new Animation(862)); stage = 7; } else if (stage == 7) { //controler.updateProgress(); end(); } }[/CODE] Is the field Santa supposed to mean whether a player has received a present or not? Edit: to limit players to only obtain one present you will need to know if they already received theirs or not. Take a look at character saving/loading
  22. Nouish

    Dialogue help!

    Hello Gripper, If you could please tell us where you are stuck that would be nice. [CODE]if (Santa == true) { } else { if (Santa == false) { } }[/CODE] [LIST=1] [*]A primitive boolean can hold one of two possible values; [FONT=Courier New]true[/FONT] or [FONT=Courier New]false[/FONT]. Inside your else-block the value of [FONT=Courier New]Santa[/FONT] must therefore always be false. [*]"Except for variables, all instance, class, and class constants are in mixed case with a lowercase first letter. Internal words start with capital letters." ([URL=http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/documentation/codeconventions-135099.html#367]9 - Naming Conventions[/URL]) The name of your [FONT=Courier New]Santa[/FONT] field is not very descriptive. [*]You can leave out the check [FONT=Courier New]== true[/FONT] and [FONT=Courier New]== false[/FONT] (read: [url]http://stackoverflow.com/a/493258[/url]) [/LIST] This would have the exact same flow: [CODE]if (Santa) { } else { }[/CODE] Taking a couple seconds to add the [FONT=Courier New]Override[/FONT] annotation might save you time debugging in the future. If you happen to misspell the name of a function without it it will compile, but will never be called at runtime. If you had included the [FONT=Courier New]Override[/FONT] annotation it would throw an error at compile time.
  23. [quote name='Dr Fawad']What RSPS is that?[/QUOTE] [quote name='Dean']It's Runescape, shitty RSPS that nobody plays.[/QUOTE] oldschool.runescape.com
  24. Part-time cashier in a grocery store - 23 usd/h
  25. [quote name='Citellum']Yes I understand but mostly for the use of the popups Eclipse gives ^^ it spoils.[/QUOTE] Eclipse has the CTRL + Space shortcut for that anyway