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  1. Holy shit, I forgot all about that program but I remember seeing my brother use that shit for his old Myspace. That's a blast from the past to think about LOL. That's awesome that it's your career now though, I respect that a lot. I'm not sure I could ever do anything artistic as a full fledged career, I think I'd feel too limited and it'd sap my motivation.
  2. Journal

    SOTM April

    1. There was no discussion to be had, all I said was "post here and I'll critique." There was no response needed, there was nothing I needed to add, and there was no basis for discussion. It was already off topic and then you posted his artwork for him. Instead of getting into a discussion over the nuances of his art, I told you that it's in poor etiquette to go off topic because it is. 2. The majority of the post was discussing better ways to handle the SotM to promote activity, both in the board and in the competition itself, including dedicating a paragraph explaining why "Freestyle" is a bad theme. 3. Critiquing someone's artwork from a SotM March is off topic to SotM April, not "sub-topic." This isn't a big deal. The fact of the matter is that critiquing someone's artwork from a previous competition is off topic to the current competition's thread. Whether you think it's acceptable to go off topic is another discussion entirely, but it absolutely was off topic and that is, in my opinion, in poor etiquette and disrespectful to both Droxcy and his competition. I hope you understand my point because this is the last reply I'll offer on the matter in this thread specifically as to not contribute to derailing things even further.
  3. Journal

    SOTM April

    With these exception of people talking about the picture that I suggest be posted in its own thread for critique, everyone's been on topic.
  4. Journal

    SOTM April

    I know what it was, but it seems in bad etiquette to post it and critique in the SotM thread instead of its own, no?
  5. Journal

    SOTM April

    If you post it in a show-off thread then I'd offer critique on it. My technical skill is pretty shit nowadays since I've forgotten a lot of functions of Photoshop but my composition skills are still pretty decent.
  6. I respect that. I've always been interested in literal graphic design, primarily in regards to logo design, but the biggest turn off is that it requires some fundamental expertise regarding typography which just.. is extremely anti-fun for me. I like to do digital art to create pretty things and convey things through imagery, not to spice up some words. Art is great for that in general, I feel you on that for sure.
  7. Journal

    Give me your music

    I'm surprised to hear a big Eminem fan share those two songs over all the others, ngl. I do have a soft spot for Not Afraid though, the message is really sweet and it doesn't sound half bad either. In The End is a fucking classic too even if I can't help but laugh when listening to it 'cause of all the memes and shit surrounding it. Somehow I find it hard to believe someone mastered music theory in little over a year LOL. The track was nice though, it's cool knowing people that create music. Out of curiosity, were all the instruments done digitally, raw recordings, or recorded via midi cables? I feel like it's pretty obvious the percussion was done digitally, so I'm mostly interested in knowing whether or not the piano was midi or digital.
  8. I've been talking to quite a few of you people who enjoy creating digital art so I know you're there and don't be shy, what got you into digital art and what keeps you doing it? Or, on the flip side, if you used to do it a lot in the past and only sometimes now then what keeps you from doing it? I originally got into digital art because of these very forums, no secret there. I have a huge fascination with art in general and always have, it's the most beautiful thing in the world to me and it's the only thing I can really get motivated over nowadays, it's just something special to me. I've struggled with depression since childhood so it's really hard for me to pick up traditional art, but digital art is something fun and simple I can pick up and practice easily by just opening up a program for any amount of time. It helps that while the skill floor is low, there's so much you can learn from it and the skill cap is immensely high with what you can do. It's a great trade even if it is incredibly unconventional.
  9. NozomixEri#1171, anyone is free to add me. When it comes to playing Overwatch though, know that I only play with my gf so we can keep our levels together 'cause I'm a cuck.
  10. Journal

    Give me your music

    So, outside of causing trouble for the staff and probably insulting a lot of people on accident as a byproduct, I'm an avid listener of music. My music tastes are pretty niche though, I'm an avid listener of experimental J-Rock and other Japanese music that typically isn't mainstream (I don't like pop or mainstream J-Rock at all). Aside from that, I listen to a lot of everything and I'll post some shit below to share. Here's some of my favorites that I've been listening to a lot lately: Experimental J-Rock Alternative J-Rock Shibuya Kei Japanese Shoegaze Soft Experimental Vocaloid English Rap English Electro-Pop..? I'm not sure how to describe this genre. It's Touch by Daft Punk, amazing song. English Indie Rock (shit is so teenager but it's sick as fuck) Post-Rock And I can keep the list going and going. Basically, I listen to a lot of fucking music LOL. Share what stuff you like and I'll see if I can share music of my own from the same or similar genre.
  11. As a way to create a personal relationship between me and the rest of the current community, here's ya boy: Your 19 year old buddy that looks like a stoned (just tired tho) 16 year old.
  12. Journal

    Need opinions...

    The first one, for sure. There's not much to say on it, it's a nice, simple theme. The second one is strictly amateurish. The banner design is very generic, just a simple brush slapped on with text and tweaked blending options. The font is uninspired and doesn't look modern at all. The colors are also just an inferior version to the current dark theme, it's much harsher on the eyes. Steven sums up my feelings on the third one.
  13. Before anything, thank you for a well reasoned response. I understand you guys are busy, I do not mean to imply that every single change should be put through swiftly and singlehandedly by you and Ikiliki. As I elaborated on in a reply to Arixa, and what I should have been more careful to stress in the original topic, is that my biggest concern regarding admins is one of organization and management. Organization is obviously touched on below in the post, so management is the big talking point here. I assume that in regards to the IPB update you are specifically referring to the amount of dead BBCode and fucked up formatting there is around the boards, Tutorials/Resources being the examples cited in my original post, and the awards, correct? If that is the case, the fact of the matter is that according to a quick google search, and correct me if I'm wrong, IPB 4.1 was out a long time ago and there is literally zero reason for it to have taken as long as it has to have been fixed. Arixa even commented on the laziness regarding the development of these fixes. In regards to the awards.. I am glad to hear that this is a matter already being addressed, but this, along with: are pretty good examples of what I mean regarding there being little engagement between the staff and the community. Perhaps I am discussing this in bad faith, but after browsing the boards I would expect this to be in (news and announcements, tweaks, and web development) there is no way for people to know what you guys have been working on. We have vague ideas as to what is "planned", but no legitimate progress to keep track of and no specifics being discussed. This is fine and dandy and all in a community function in high activity already, but it very much leads to the dead and uncaring vibe that's very easy to get from the current state of affairs. Realistically, what boards should and shouldn't be merged should be discussed in this thread or a thread of it's own. I have offered very sound reasons to merge, remove, create, and rename the boards I mentioned and I would like to have a discussion about it so that we can reach not a compromise, but the most logically sound conclusion instead of just leaving it to some "behind the scenes" affairs. It is my understanding that there has been discussion regarding this in the past, but Ikiliki along with Ziek have made these changes sound as though they were made very begrudgingly. Changes should not be made begrudgingly. If you do not agree with the suggestion put forth by your community, majority rule or not, then you should dispute it until there's a mutual understanding that's been made. This is nit picky, but realistically it seems very uncaring to leave any anniversary banner or logo up for over five months. I didn't say it should be removed the 24th, I said that keeping it up for such long periods of time very understandably gives an impression of laziness. Fortunately, and why I don't particularly care much about this specifically, most people won't know when the actual anniversary date is unless they look at the threads specifically announcing it. This is an extremely valid point and one I have been racking my head around. I understand the reasoning behind this, but to be frank, I feel an official Discord is just more beneficial to a growing community due to the convenience as I outlined in my original post. Realistically, the shoutbox should probably be something for quick help, light discussion, and new members. It's less organized, is more inconvenient, and offers considerably less interaction than the official Discord. I understand where you're coming from, but I think this is another example of something that reflects poorly on the state of engagement from the staff. These shouldn't be problems that exist whether or not people are busy for x time period because these are problems that have very clearly existed for a long time with the exception of people not entering the SotM. There has been ample time to create content, encourage people to share their methodology, clean up the stickies, etc. I completely understand where you're coming from with having extremely basic skills when it comes to digital art, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but what is wrong with that is that you're not the only person who feels that way yet we still have zero incentive offered by staff to create tutorials or resources with the exception of people giving offhand comments of "gee this board probably needs something more than just SotM". As a whole, and I feel I did not illustrate this properly in my original post, is that there is simply little public action being undertaken by the staff. Again, I thank you very much for offering a well reasoned response and taking the time to discuss this with me.
  14. If it was an assumption then I would have said "read the topic instead of posting based on summaries", not asking whether you did or not so I know if I need to edit my original post to add some clarity due to the fact that there have been three people who brushed the organization suggestion under the rug and two of them legitimately did not read my post. Good passive aggressive response made under the impression I have no humility, though. It's not a matter of people "thinking" we're inactive, it's the fact we present our inactive boards in majority instead of compacting things into a layout that's befitting a smaller community. Whether you want to admit it or not, the forums is inactive. Everyone is in agreement on this, even Ikiliki, so it's about presenting ourselves in the best way possible if you want to gather new people. Also, not once have I ever stated that reorganizing the boards is going to pave our way to victory and revitalize the community tenfold or even at all. The point of reorganizing the boards in a logical fashion that creates a good presentation of RuneLocus is that it offers comfort that people aren't joining a dead community or one that barely has any action. The fact of the matter is that people who are browsing forums and considering whether or not they should join one are more likely to join an active community than an inactive one, there is no way around this and to deny this is purely disingenuous, and the point of my suggestion regarding the boards with specific layout I presented is to avoid this so that we're not just a forum people come to dump their copy and paste RSPS advertisements on.
  15. I don't mean to sound rude, but did you read the original topic or only the summary? I'm starting to wonder if the people who say that they don't see how reorganization will solve anything even read my reasons for wanting to do it LOL.