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  1. Not gonna lie, I was about to play because I'm bored. Whether your reply was a troll or not, it still damages their reputation.
  2. lmao I just noticed your name, right you are.
  3. ive seen this topic so many times lol
  4. >Suggests this >Other members decides it would be better to just spam a normal post while increasing post count
  5. Fusion`

    718 Arcanum

    Nice advertisement & well organized! Some of your bosses looks like NPCs you've just placed in an area and made a teleport to. You should make it into a small minigame/event. Like party demon or avatar of destruction. Good luck though!
  6. Fusion`

    New to RSPS!!

    Everything that should help you begin. http://www.runelocus.com/tutorials/
  7. Me? How have I "trolled" you in anyway? I'm just telling you the truth, someone has to. It's the INTERNET. If you care about some strangers comment over the internet and it makes you go into depression irl, you should quit the internet. It's like smoking and knowing it's gonna eventually kill you and you blame it on the cigarettes rather than yourself. You go to a certain part of the internet where you KNOW there's trolls, you cry because they're mean to you, and what do you do? you return to that same part of the internet. And you know what, go to the police and tell them Vesta Main from Runelocus has been bullying you. Who's Vesta Main? How did he bully you? Where does he live? How old is he? See where this is going? Of course, I can't speak for @Arix. I'm not him. I'll say it again, you're acting like a child, grow up. The police won't go and arrest everyone at 4chan, 9gag, or whatever other sites people are getting "trolled". I don't know which "respected" member treat you the way you're claiming but you should probably take it to pm. Oh and your title doesn't relate to this post at all. Not too long ago I saw you insulting a new member in another post. I said my piece, good luck on getting the police to arrest trolls lol.
  8. I've seen you help people but you also find some way to insult them. You could simply just help them. And when you say something to piss people off, they will retaliate. You should be the last person talking about cyber crime, what're you gonna tell them? "Cart from runelocus said bad things about my parents"? lol, it's the internet. Grow up and get over it. I don't dislike you or anyone on rl but this post just just says you're butthurt.
  9. Fusion`

    Post Removed

    It's because you server name is "Fortis" not "Fortis: Survival and Economy", if every server were allowed to add something of such you'd probably see lots of threads with a title as "Name: Pvp and Economy." That wouldn't look right. Though if you think your title should be allowed, might wanna check with @Ziek` or @Cart
  10. Any advertisement with the fight caves minigame just looks great. Good luck!
  11. What happen to your other account?
  12. No means yes, and yes means anal I know I'm not the only one that just noticed that