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  1. Lmao. He must teach me his hacker ways!
  2. Pics plox? I just wana see lol.
  3. Or you just typed it in google? Lmao thats what i did.
  4. Lmao, Your Such A Funny One Bro. I Dont Need To Get Raped, I'll Pown U Anyday.

  5. Lmao dont mean shit. Bro like you said you would come to my house. And ill show you how to fight.

  6. Imo, That Fight Was A Year Ago Stupid Shit.

  7. Like i said b4. When you said you would come to my house. I would clear your shit lmao.

  8. Fuck You Mate, Go Give Ur Dad Anal Stupid Fuck.

  9. Haha why not? If ur gf is down you can get some whenever.
  10. Bro You still want those 2 fat chicks and that cheese sandwich? Cheese melted a little but ill give you a discount.

  11. Bro your shit lmao.