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  1. I purchased the webhosting yesterday, and my web developer is dealing with some stuff IRL, so there is a delay.. The discord link should work.. If you're so sketched out about this server being fake, feel free to PM me for my skype lol.. Try clicking the discord link now. I've been a member of Runelocus since 2010, almost 7 years, there is no need for me to be faking an RSPS.
  2. Got the right link up, he probably joined through someone else then.
  3. The discord link works for me & idk how to use discord but one of my staff members said the link is the same thing as an invitation. One player joined through the link so I'm assuming it's working lol.
  4. Hi, we did have a discord I just forgot to link it in here. The client is under the announcements section on discord.
  5. Hello, Rap742 was a server first launched in September of 2013, we had a great player base. A good amount of previous players have requested me to launch the server again, therefore I am now. If you're looking for PVM/PVP fun, a great community and a stable economy with a growing player base, now is the perfect time to join this private server. Thanks. Server up since June 11/2017 Download our client at: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fb8nnypp5pdt6g8/Rap742.jar?dl=0 The website will be up soon, https://www.rap742.com (currently down) Link to our discord: https://Discord.gg/pvVuwxc Here are some screenshots of the server: There is also: QBD Duel Arena Dominion Tower Pk Points + Shop Revenants 5+ Slayer Towers Donator Zone Gambling Polypore Dungeon Tormented Demons All Skills Working! Glacors All Drygores+ Chaotic claws!
  6. [quote name='falconpunch']Oh have you? Leech718 loading 742 has like 2-3 people? I was a developer for servers with much more <3[/QUOTE] I'm talking 1.5 yrs ago when server blew up, I averaged 50 players a day being the only owner/admin, with my effort alone.