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  1. [CENTER][B]Vendetta Pk Forums: [url]http://www.vendettapk.com/forums/[/url] Webclient: [url]http://www.vendettapk.com/WebClient.html[/url][/B] Vendetta Pk is an all new 317 private server that is based around Oldschool Pking. The items we have are nothing above Godwars release, so nothing above godwars armors and godswords. Vendetta Pk is aimed to be a server that does not aim to make a profit. Therefore all donations will go towards supporting the server and nothing more, and donations will be just that. Donating cannot get you specific items, and will not give you a massive edge over other players, however donating is meant to make your life easier, with our Donator store you can easily purchase items that any other use can have, but just with the ease of a shop. Also, there is not one single "donator only" item on this server. The aim is to make a server that is fun for everyone, and so every item that is available, can be obtained by anyone. Other Features we have: Full GWD bosses - including the fixed Zamorak Boss Varied Pking - If you want you can easily lower any of your combat stats to any level you like! This allows pking as a Pure and Maxed easy on the same account! Very fast combat training so you can get pking quicker. Very generous starter to set you up for pking easily. PvP areas - Fight in Pvp areas and you will get more Pkp per kill, but you won't get the items the other player had. Working Clanchat - With my own Custom Crowns Re-wrote how Yell works to draw the crowns in Yells! - Also hides when you hide the Public Chat. [ATTACH=CONFIG]7245[/ATTACH] More media will be added very shortly. Thanks for taking the time to read this, Jake (Nunners)[/CENTER]
  2. You'll have to send packets back to your client for this, either there will be a method written and you simply use that. (Check if there are already working ones) Or you will have to write the method to send a specific packet with the item id's (if its an item reward) and the text to write (if you are writing text)
  3. Have you compiled before you tried to run? If not try that, otherwise please post your run.bat here.
  4. If you have a backup of the file before you edited it and it works fine, but when you change it then it doesn't work. It is 100% the fact that you are changing it incorrectly. If you don't accept the help I'm trying to give you then why would post here? Those errors tell me nothing but where the error happens, and it is probably happening because of what you changed.
  5. That is the point.. The Compiler at the base level does not work (for me anyway) so use the lower level one and you bypass the top level? I don't understand why you want the other to work when you have a working solution...
  6. Can you post the contents of the text file for the item id?
  7. Are you sure you edited the bonuses correctly? The error is coming from where it loads the bonuses but is being caught so that your server does not crash. Double check that you have edited the bonuses correctly. (Btw if it is in a file other than .java then it will not show an error when compiling, but will when it is read at runtime) Hope this helps
  8. Please next time wrap code you post in tags like so: [ CODE ]int testVariable = 0;[ / CODE ] (Without the spaces) That will become this: [CODE]int testVariable = 0;[/CODE] Also, I have been looking at the Starter Pack and it is the Animable class that is causing the errors. To solve this follow this: In your client/src folder find the compiler.bat and edit this. Switch the version to your jdk (The path will be in the directory on your machine) [CODE]"C:\Program Files\Java\[B]jdk1.7.0_09[/B]\bin\javac.exe" *.java[/CODE](Edit the bit in bold) Then in your main client folder, change your entire run.bat to be this: [CODE]@echo off title Client java -Xmx300m -classpath src GUI pause[/CODE] This should fix the compiling error and allow the client to load.
  9. [quote name='Mowgwana Kushton']This is all very complex... I know everything which your saying, i just struggle to understand the structure of the code from a overall perspective... I think i need a few basic tutorials to start me off. I believe im using 317. Any recommendations for some tutorials that are basic to do so i can just start coding something and hopefully start to understand the way the server and client communicates.[/QUOTE] Most tutorials won't really help you understand how the client and server communicate, although some might if you have to add a new interface etc. Look for tutorials about adding new interfaces and that may point you in the right direction, since you will have to do both server and client side.
  10. Sorry about that I completely missed that -_-
  11. My skype is armageddon4life94

  12. What Revision / source are you using? For 317 PI in the initialize() method of your client.java (Server) add this : [CODE]getPA().sendFrame126("NEW QUEST STRING", 7335);[/CODE] The code 7335 refers to the "Rune Mysteries Quest". Here is the list of Quests and Interface ID's in 317 PI: [CODE]640 - Quest Journal 663 - FREE QUESTS: 7332 - Black Knights' Fortress 7333 - Cook's Assistant 7334 - Demon Slayer 7335 - Rune Mysteries Quest 7336 - Doric's Quest 7337 - The Restless Ghost 7338 - Goblin Diplomacy 7339 - Ernest the Chicken 7340 - Imp Catcher 7341 - Pirate's Treasure 7342 - Prince Ali Rescue 7343 - Romeo & Juliet 7344 - Sheep Shearer 7345 - Shield of Arrav 7346 - The Knight's Sword 7347 - Vampire Slayer 7348 - Witch's Potion 7349 - Watch Tower 682 - MEMBERS QUESTS: 7350 - Waterfall Quest 7351 - Witch's House 7352 - Biohazard 7353 - Clock Tower 7354 - Digsite Quest 673 - Big Chompy Bird Hunting 7356 - Dwarf Cannon 7357 - Family Crest 7358 - Fight Arena 7359 - Fishing Contest 7360 - Gertrude's Cat 7361 - The Grand Tree 7362 - Hazeel Cult 7363 - Heroes Quest 11907 - In Search of the Myreque 7365 - Jungle Potion 7366 - Legends Quest 7367 - Lost City 7368 - Merlin's Crystal 7369 - Monk's Friend 7370 - Murder Mystery 7371 - Observatory Quest 7372 - Plague City 7373 - Scorpion Catcher 7374 - Sea Slug Quest 7375 - Sheep Herder 7376 - Shilo Village 7378 - Temple of Ikov 7379 - The Tourist Trap 7380 - Tree Gnome Village 7381 - Tribal Totem 9927 - Underground Pass 7383 - Dragon Slayer 7459 - Elemental Workshop 7355 - Druidic Ritual 8115 - Priest in Peril 8137 - Nature Spirit 8438 - Death Plateau 191 - Troll Stronghold 8679 - Eadgar's Ruse 1740 - Tai Bwo Wannai Trio 11857 - Haunted Mine 8576 - Regicide 8969 - Shades of Mort'ton 6518 - Throne of Miscellania 10115 - The Fremennik Trials 11132 - Monkey Madness 12139 - Roving Elves 7364 - Holy Grail 10135 - Horror from the Deep 11858 - Troll Romance 12129 - Creature of Fenkenstrain 12345 - One Small Favour 12389 - Mountain Daughter 12282 - Ghosts Ahoy 12772 - Between a Rock... 12836 - The Feud 12839 - The Golem 12852 - Desert Treasure 4508 - Icthlarin's Little Helper 3278 - Tears of Guthix 13356 - Zogre Flesh Eaters 13577 - The Giant Dwarf 13389 - The Lost Tribe 668 - Recruitment Drive 13974 - Mourning's Ends Part 1 14169 - Forgettable Tale... 14604 - Garden of Tranquillity 15235 - A Tail of Two Cats 6024 - Wanted! 6027 - Mourning's Ends Part 2 14912 - Rum Deal 15352 - Shadow of the Storm 15487 - Making History 15499 - Rat Catchers 15592 - Spirits of the Elid 15841 - Devious Minds 16128 - The Hand in the Sand 16149 - Enakhra's Lament 17510 - Cabin Fever 6987 - A Fairy Tale Pt. 1 18306 - Recipe for Disaster 18517 - In Aid of the Myreque 15098 - A Soul's Bane 18684 - Rag and Bone Man 249 - Swan Song[/CODE] Not really in the right order... Hope this helps
  13. Could you either paste bin your Model class or place it here using [ CODE ] [ / CODE ] tags?