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  1. Wow lol I can do that in my sleep :O
  2. ymx boy


    What was the point of the thread?
  3. As long as you pay, you should be able to do anything. :)
  4. i can host for u 5-10m?

  5. Is there a special client?
  6. off topic:[url]http://www.speedtest.net/result/1323673476.png[/url] <----------------------------------My comp a little better lol On topic How much RSGP
  7. Out of school next Monday :[email protected] semester test.
  8. Well that was nice.......:D
  9. [quote name='Vesta Main']Its 634+ Item ID's. If you dont know what that is. Get off Runelocus right now.[/QUOTE] Don't you think that was kind of mean. Learn to help.
  10. ymx boy


    Hmm i push my little sister hmmmmmmm must be cough wh!t# cough
  11. Hmm ps3 should have w8ed to update for every1 not one by one
  12. Well hope this don't happen again. Xbox is next muhahaha........................
  13. Yay I can now waste my life on ps home :)
  14. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Don't we all love construction :)