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  1. Great chat! Great for anyone who wants to keep instantly up to date with all things RSPS!
  2. Hope

    Kratos 530

    Finished shift click dropping: https://gyazo.com/706200cdb3363c061bf165df3d6146a7
  3. You won't get webclients working much anymore, unless you have a special signed certificated from Oracle (which costs a fair amount of money) - so goodluck with that.
  4. Ice and jungle strykewyrms? What're those floating things? What's wrong with your spellbook?
  5. Hope

    Kratos 530

    We've added tons of things recently: Demonic Gorillas More map areas added to Whiteridge Quick Prayers Grand exchange search interface New OSRS RAID items New teleporter Be sure to stop in and try some out!
  6. Hope

    Java NullPointerException

    Well if it's the first line "RSInterface.interfaceCache" then your interface doesn't exist. 32007 is a little high of a number to be an interface (530 revisions go up to like 800 interfaces and 718+ probably don't even go past 1300). If your interfaces are stored in that array as a hash (which they probably are), make sure you're supplying the hash as (interfaceId << 16 | componentId)
  7. Light themes are hard on the eyes, especially at night. @everyone who is hating on dark themes.
  8. OSRS is on like 132 now.
  9. Those "groups" are partially what make forums active. It's not a bad thing being like rune-server; all you have to do is leave out the immature poop heads. People on rune-server post and help their asses off just to get or "think they can get" a pretty rank. Might as well take out the contributor rank and gfx rank if you think this is a bad idea. What benefit does the contributor or gfx rank give? Null. What does the programmer or veteran rank on rune-server give that regular people don't get? Null. Awards also aren't clearly visible to most people seeking programming help. The purple rank on r-s is the first thing you see and is a sign of "oh chances are I can trust what this guy is saying for the most part".
  10. Nah mine is completely different.