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  1. i have 3, the (C:) has 150gb, my (D:) has 99.9mb LOL and my ( E:) has 129gb
  2. fails but look at meh ping
  3. banned for your name having "sk1ller"
  4. i cant wait either! 9 days left today!! and bungie have kinda messed reach up, a bit of it is like star wars...lol
  5. steve, i got the same problemn as him...do you know how to fix it??
  6. i gett the exact same error! so i hope you guys can help me too here is the code thats in my run: @echo off title Running java -server -cp bin;lib/netty-3.1.5.GA.jar dragonkk.rs2rsps.Server pause
  7. i do that how? sorry im new to 508 rsps i started 508's because i really hate 317's
  8. why does is matter if you have an ip changer? lol and im only 12 idk how to make a 508 client LOL
  9. Thank your for the support i just dont know what to add next..
  10. Download server at http://www.mediafire.com/?7nboiljohxxu5x4 . this is best 508 rsps ever!! Vote at: http://runelocus.com/toplist/?action=vote&id=8041 First 3 people join will get mod! Admin has to be worked for! You can be promoted from mod to admin! Please do not flame or comment saying "leeched server" or anything like that Owners: Dragon None Admins: None None None Mods: None None None PICTURES:
  11. is url broken? i cant get on forums..