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  1. [quote name='NOrthack']where should i be looking?[/QUOTE] Dude do you even have a source......
  2. [quote name='NOrthack']there is no "Runserver.bat" under source[/QUOTE] I hope you aren't looking in the src folder..... :confused:
  3. Go to your source and open "Runserver.bat". a CMD will pop up. Look at the CMD till it says "Listening on port..." Then open up the Run.bat in your client and it should work...
  4. Looked into player.java? maybe there's something that nulls the player. Or in Actionsender under the login?
  5. mdjguy

    SetEquipment problem

    Well i wanted to use the code; [CODE]player.getEquipment().set(SLOT, ITEMID);[/CODE] so i tried: [CODE]player.getEquipment().set(3, 4151);[/CODE] but now it will see "4151" as an int and not as an Item how do I fix that? thxforhelp :rolleyes:
  6. [quote name='Jared UK']Ok, done exactly that! Tried twice and still: [/QUOTE] Try to add/remove a bracket
  7. [quote name='Jared UK']Thankyou, but: [code] Compiling PvMscape - Created By: Jared ⌂⌂⌂⌂⌂⌂ src\com\rs2hd\packethandler\PlayerPacketHandler.java:98: cannot find symbol symbol : method frozen() location: class com.rs2hd.model.Player if(player.frozen()) { ^ 1 error Correctly compiled PvMscape Press any key to continue . . . [/code] I guess its small? and located in player.java.. but what am i to do? also, as your helping me, i will try my best to help you whenever i can:) karma can be good;)[/QUOTE] Then use [CODE]if(player.frozen == true) { return; } [/CODE] EDIT oh lol Tony was first.
  8. go to where it starts to follow someone en put [CODE] if(player.frozen()) { return; } [/CODE]
  9. mdjguy

    Force Equip? (562)

    [quote name='girofsilgar']it would be used like this player.getEquipment().set(EQUIPSlot, ItemID); lets say you wanna wear a whip just call this player.getEquipment().set(3, 4151);[/QUOTE] Naaa it will see 4151 as an int.
  10. MW3 for the gameplay BF3 for graphics... Ima get MW3 though..
  11. mdjguy

    Force Equip? (562)

    Okay i found this [CODE] player.getEquipment().set(Slot, Item);[/CODE] Well how to make it so I can just use an Item ID for the Item? Like player.getEquipment().set(3, ITEMID); ?
  12. mdjguy

    Force Equip? (562)

    Well I'm thinking of starting a new project but before I do this I need to know how to Force Equip a player like if he does something (clicking something, command, idk yet) and then his equipment will change in something else? Kthxforhelp :rolleyes: **Edit ||||||||||||||||||||| LOOK AT MY LAST POST ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
  13. for the impling stuff, just start a new event that spawns a new impling when you catch it. I think that works.:rolleyes:
  14. Thanks for this, it's AWESOME :) ** Edit: Wut? I can't spawn 602+ items? It says the command is a null.. anyone help? :confused:
  15. In content-> skills-> combat -> pkdefinitions.java search for combatanim.