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    New Setup

    Looooooking good :)
  2. Error occurred during initialization of VM Could not reserve enough space for object heap Error: Could not create the Java Virtual machine Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit Press any key to continue . . . Every time i try and run clouding this happens, has anyone got any solutions/fixes for this please.
  3. [quote name='fatmess']1) have you downloaded java developers kit ? 2) try downloading the latest one [URL="http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html"]here[/URL] 3) if that doesn't work then copy and paste this into your run.bat [CODE] @echo off java -Xmx2046m -cp bin;deps/poi.jar;deps/mysql.jar;deps/mina.jar;deps/slf4j.jar;deps/slf4j-nop.jar;deps/jython.jar;log4j-1.2.15.jar; server.Server pause[/CODE][/QUOTE]why not just do this [CODE] @echo off "C:/program files/java/Your java version here/bin/java.exe" -Xmx2046m -cp bin;deps/poi.jar;deps/mysql.jar;deps/mina.jar;deps/slf4j.jar;deps/slf4j-nop.jar;deps/jython.jar;log4j-1.2.15.jar; server.Server pause[/CODE]
  4. ye i do whats your tv id and pass thats the easyest thing to fix ever
  5. [quote name='Shane']Base is Insidiax. I didn't know where else to put this, so I guess I'll put it here. Current staff: Owner(s): Me Quik Admin(s):Patrick Will What I am looking for is mature players who can help me run my server. I have a VPS, and have my server online. ([url]www.switchgaming.com[/url]) I have SOME Java coding experience, and I know how to run a server. I need some loyal staff members to take on the test with me. If you'd like to help me out here's the form you can fill out: [code]Name: Age: Type of spot wanted: Experience(RS/RSPS): Skype: Experience in Runescape in-General:[/code] Requirements: [code] Must be AT LEAST 15 years of age. Must use good/excellent grammar. Must be experienced in RSPS or Runescape. Be online on my server as much as you can. Must have skype. (my msn is messed up) [/code][/QUOTE] Name: Leon Age: 15 Type of spot wanted:Coder/Mod Experience(RS/RSPS): Yes i have coded alot of RSPS's in my time and if anyone asks me to code them somthing i will try my best. Skype:Leonlad1 Experience in Runescape in-General: Yes i have been playing runescape since 08 and Private servers since 09.
  6. What do you need help with, i am a good coder aswell My skype: leonlad1
  7. yo is it up says 404 file directory not found on webclient and on downloadable client its stuck on 94 %
  8. Name: Leon How much experience do you have with RSPS?: Alot How old are you?:14 What country do you live in?: england What timezone do you live in?: GMT MSN/Skype name?: yes both What position are you going for?(Coder/Forum Developer/Graphics Designer): Coder Personal statement(I want to know a little about you): Funny, easy to get on with, good personality =] Skype: Leonlad1
  9. how much are you on: 4pm till 10pm What is your time zone:GMT have you beta tested a server before:yes How old are you:14 Do you have a skype w/ mic:yes Do you have skype w/ mic: yes is your hosting 24/7: yes Have you hosted a server before: yes
  10. Yo, i will be 24/7 hoster Add my skype Leonlad1 ill talk to you on thier
  11. leon lad


    I am trying to get on to Run my server buy when i go to run it, the .bat has kind of fucked up. Would anybody try and help me here is the code that is in the .bat @echo off title Project DungeonFest 562 loading 659! cd src cd .. "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_02\bin\java.exe" -Xms250m -Xmx1024m -classpath bin;deps/* com.rs2hd.Main pause everything loads but after it all loads it says Press any key to continue could some on please TV me will be verry happy if i could get this working again<33
  12. would u be a MM?

  13. all i have is 37m

  14. you interested? cus im changing A/W to 56M if someone offers it right today.