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  1. i need someone to go on my computer with teamveiwer and make a client.jar file that works when i do it it does not i ahve tried every tutorial needs help if you can make a working one im willing to pay you 20 dollars via paypal need done as soon as possible
  2. i used that same video o do it but it still doesnt work right it has to be in the same folder as cache anim and all those othere folder for it to work it wont just on the desktop idk what to do
  3. after the java loads which take about 3 minutes all the webclient does is go to a white screen and just steys there idk what i did wrong i think it has to do with the .jar file so if anyone can help me make a .jar file that works ids be very happy and will give 5 dollars via paypal wont take long
  4. i know how to do it i just need fully functional jar file and imy computer wont let me do that it goes to connecting error and just counts down a billion times i have another thread just to do that for me if anyone can do that im willing to pay
  5. wen i make a .jar file all it does it says connecting error and counts down from 15 and does that over and over again the only way to make it stop it to open task manager and stop it that way i do not know why this happens but i need a fully functional .jar file for my webclient if you can help me please teamveiwer me and do it for me i mite just be jaring it wrong but if you can make it work im willing to pay 5-15 dollars no one has be able to do this so far but im hopeing someone can figure it out please. thank you for helping
  6. so what do i do with it?
  7. lol i can do that for you darker if u teamveiwer will only take a second
  8. its my own server but i can send u link to download the client if you would like
  9. if you can help me make a work jar file and make my webclient work i will pay you 20 dollars if you can do this for me just say so and ill give u my teamveiwer id and pass thank you very much
  10. your welcome lol and just wondering can u make a full functional .jar file?
  11. i honestly dont know completely but if i was you id try everything and that sound to be a good idea so try it
  12. just change the number to where u now placed