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  1. Most of us veterans have moved on. Runelocus has changed so much.
  2. 99 herblore, damn that is impressive. Keep up the good work..
  3. Great looking server, just not a whole lot of players.
  4. Looks like a solid piece, good stuff man. Wish I did more C++ :(
  5. SolitudeX

    Hi guys

    Yea man, why not try getting you're account back?
  6. One hell of a good looking server. Good job you guys.
  7. Good job with the gun, looks cool.
  8. Good luck with the project, if you want it to happen bad enough you can make it happen.
  9. SolitudeX


    [quote name='Blake']At 12:21 AM on Friday I'm going to hobble into my parent's room, look like I'm super sick, whisper "goodbye", and then pretend to pass out. Just to fuck with them. Because that's the kind of sick SOB I am.[/QUOTE] What kind of sick motherfucker would do this. oh wait
  10. Looks good, and the player count looks pretty successful.
  11. Has anyone forgotten? ;)
  12. [quote name='Hash']I wasn't sure, because many earlier RS2HD revisions has been released (474 and such).[/QUOTE] Yeah, it even says it on the Runescape timeline what year it came out which was exactly when 562's came out.
  13. [quote name='Hash']I think RS HD came out earlier than 600's. If you want the latest revision, get Matrix 718 source.[/QUOTE] Isn't it obvious that it came out as revision 562?
  14. More pictures would be good. You have to realize most people will go to your server after looking at pictures.