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  1. [quote name='The R']always hating ur just pissed no1 downloads ur source.[/QUOTE] he was complaining on his thread too about this lul
  2. theres hardly any generic 317s anymore... too many new models and new things
  3. go in your program files/java/jdk1.*.** replace the *s with the version that it says in program files and the compiler doesn't go in the bin folder... it goes in the main source folder
  4. yo read the stickies no bumping/double posting and this should be really easy except i have no experience with insidia
  5. ok i figured out its because duelstatus6 is commented out but i dont know how to fix without errors [CODE] public void applyDead() { Client o = (Client) Server.playerHandler.players[c.killerId]; c.respawnTimer = 15; c.isDead = false; if(c.duelStatus != 6) { c.killerId = findKiller(); if(o != null) { if (c.killerId != c.playerId) { o.sendMessage("You have defeated "+c.playerName+"!"); if (!c.connectedFrom.equals(o.lastKilled)) { o.pcPoints ++; o.sendMessage("@[email protected] recieve a PK point for your kill. You now have " + o.pcPoints + " PK points."); } else o.sendMessage("You have already killed " + c.playerName + " recently. You do not recieve a PK point."); o.lastKilled = c.connectedFrom; } o.playerKilled = c.playerId; /*if(c.duelStatus != 6) { //c.killerId = c.getCombat().getKillerId(c.playerId); c.killerId = findKiller(); if(o != null) { if (c.killerId != c.playerId) o.pcPoints += 1; c.playerKilled = c.playerId; if(o.duelStatus == 5) { o.duelStatus++; } */[/CODE]
  6. alright so in duel arena its almost complete except for one part, when you win the stake you don't get the interface to collect your items,but it teles you out of the arena. I'll pay 10m rsgp for help.
  7. ipbanned...? another thing is he doesn't have the newest java runtime environment.
  8. first off you need to jar and sign your client and make an autodownloading cache look for the tuts and yes webs.com supports webclients thats where i host mine atm [url]http://carbonpk-rsps[/url][dot]webs[dot]com/webclient.htm for an example NOT ADVERTISING
  9. honestly you're looking for a coder for minigames? its as basic as adding npc drops
  10. [quote name='blindwitness']any ideas how to fix the glitch with staking at the end of a stake where it doesn't tele you out?[/QUOTE] other than that its great
  11. any ideas how to fix the glitch with staking at the end of a stake where it doesn't tele you out?