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  1. your avatar is awesome,best top half of a person ive ever seen (sarcasm) p.s your awesome with your 3 accs

  2. No problem, wana be freinds I will send you a freind request?

  3. ooh soz didnt know that this was alrdy requested, posted ;)

  4. title say it al. do you want a chatbox again yes or no ?
  5. nope he havnt a pm, and no no no no!!!!!! i dont want to make multiply account's so dont tell me to make a new one!
  6. but if the mods are friendly to to community the members will friendly too, then the forums will be much better and there will be more visitors/members/guests etc;)\\
  7. i tought "WOOW" when i saw that features, BUT....... o lol'd afte this gl anyway
  8. ty man,:D i hope to see the release soon!

  9. Yaaayy :D cheerz for your base btw.. I'm releasing my one I removed all the un-needed quest shit and all the un-needed sprites in the client and you WILL be getting credits :D

  10. corby xevolution


    so read the last post from iki here: http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?1210-Name-changing-IKI-Read he say why is everyone asking me for help etcetera, so i want to explain why "i" asked him for help 1: becuz he was online as the only admin 2: becuz admin only can change names 3: becuz mods here only flame me away
  11. i know that isnt my problem, but then i need to repost everything, my server tuts etc we where done if a admin did change my name in that time that we have had discussed
  12. lol? dude the forums where crashed?!?!!?!? so i lost al my posts reps etcetc...
  13. i did lol, see my signature my server releases i got proof ad my msn lol [email protected] i added this forums as lost valentino but later i changed my name to corby xevolutin, that was before the forums where crashed