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  1. [IMG]http://i1223.photobucket.com/albums/dd515/Defision/help.jpg[/IMG]
  2. Oh. I miss read it sorry -.- BTW, do they have to be .zip or just the folder?
  3. I know. I need to change were it downloads from so that everyone will have the same background. Not just me. Lets say I download the client, run it, and it starts to download the cache then it loads and then you play. I want to change were it downloads the cache from. I know that the background is in the Cache/Sprites/Background.png
  4. Ok. Im wanting to change the background so that everyone that downloads the client will have the same background. Were would I change were it downloads from? Im using Dropbox too if that helps :/
  5. Google it. I always find some good links on how to do it but never finish what I start :/
  6. Whenever you change the links in CacheDownloader.java, can you use MediaFire? or is it just Dropbox?
  7. Have you edited the IP in the Client and Source? Also you have to change Client.java, GUI.java and Server.java (GUI is on Client)
  8. Ok. I was thinking something else. Lets see if that works.
  9. Ok, how would I change the background. Not just for me but for everyone else?
  10. EtherScape

    Questions [PI]

    Hey guys. Im coding my PI and I want my background to look like a different server. I was just wondering if I just replace CacheDownloader.java and CacheDownloader.class with the other client's CacheDownloader.java and CacheDownloader.class that it would still work. Also, how can I change the location of Theving Stalls and Alters to the location of my new Home tele? Thanks, Hunter
  11. Hey guys. Im getting errors on my highscores. It says this [CODE]Warning: mysql_result(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in C:\xampp\htdocs\highscores\functions.php on line 334 No database selected [/CODE] Anyone help me? The website im hosting from is [url]http://etherscape.no-ip.biz/highscores/highscores.php[/url] Thanks :)