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  1. [quote name='Orient']You're just too stupid for words....[/QUOTE] umm maybe you can help me if i am soooooooooo stupid
  2. how can i change the source ip i can change the client ip but the source ip i can't find
  3. how to change the source ip???
  4. wait i fixed it dung helped me out thanks dung you are freaking good hash i can join on my own no-ip and not on so now its fixed thank you all for the reply's i ask an staff member now to make this thread as solved!!! ty all
  5. what you mean with re-portforward i need to delete everything that has to make with rsps and 43594 and redo that???
  6. the weirdest thingy is that when i want to join it can't but if i are online on another 317 and then i want to login on my server it works then is it online how can that??? and how to fix it that i can join it without logged in on another 317 server
  7. i got everything done like changing .no-ip, portfowarding and that stuff and i had it correct online but someone nulled it and now i can't set any server online anymore can someone help me please. i don't get an error or something but if i want to log in it says error connecting to server. i got an minecraft server online and that works fine but rsps don't please help [U][B]if you help me correct i will give co-owner!!![/B][/U]
  8. yeah i have done that .client stuff and i portfowarded good because i got an minecraft server running without hamachi and it work but my rsps is still offline and nobody can join it it says server connection error
  9. i need to connect with and other people need to connect to ....no-ip.org?
  10. it says its offline :'( can you plz help me
  11. ok i gonna look at your status checker
  12. i got an rsps online i think but if i try to join it with my .no-ip then it says it's offline\error connecting to server but if i try it with it is online :eek: a while ago i got my server running but someon was trying to null it and then i shutdown the server and days later i can't set it online because this happens then plz help :(