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  1. Nah, it'll be something new and exciting whilst keeping the nostalgia
  2. Hey,

    I dunno if you remember me, but I used to post constantly on here back when XlightcoreX was running. I'm dipping my toes back into the RSPS scene after being gone for a while, so if you need any help with bringing the server back, I'd be interested in helped.


  3. This may be making a return.. If the community ever makes a return..
  4. It's been longer than 8 for some of us
  5. We are back online Link is on the homepage! https://www.xlightcorex.net
  6. My favorite ginger <3 

  7. Idk if you remember me but about 8-10 years ago you gave me $20 towards an e cig via paypal because I was talking about quitting smoking in the runelocus tinychat (lol). Haven't been on RL for a long time and I seen your name and it reminded me of that so I thought I'd say thanks again buddy lmao

    1. StevenAbraham


      did you quit smoking??

    2. Scotticus


      Funny thing is that I use one now! glad it worked :D

  8. #WebclientFTW #PornLinks
  9. Too lazy to post other screens but here is home for now:
  10. https://www.xlightcorex.net/ Simple, clean and based off of the original XlightcoreX Home is due to be moved
  11. Forums are back and a little empty I know.. Will work on them soon: http://www.xlightcorex.net/forum
  12. The above is now active again I'll post updates in the coming weeks, maybe in the new year